Apparently Scott & Malia Are Together Now in 'Teen Wolf' & Fans Are So Confused

Apparently Scott & Malia Are Together Now in 'Teen Wolf' & Fans Are So Confused

The Teen Wolf official trailer dropped Monday (watch here) teasing the show’s final ten episodes, and fans of the show could not help but notice one confusing new relationship.

Scott (Tyler Posey) and Malia (Shelley Hennig) appear to be very, very much together in the trailer (in the shower, no less!), and fans are reeling.

There is a small time jump in season six, so it’s possible that explains the new ‘ship, but Twitter has thoughts, both positive and negative, on the matter, and how it will affect other characters in the show (What about Kira? What about Stiles and Lydia? Okay, we can’t help it, we love Stiles and Lydia.)

Read more impassioned fan reactions inside…

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  • The Truth

    Nobody will replace Allison in season one.

    • Miguel Perez

      First lives are hard to forget but you need to move on she’s dead and should stay that way Scott and malia are a great couple

      • Gracelee Campbell

        What about Malia? I’m still confused as to what happened when Stiles returned. lol

        • Miguel Perez

          Stiles and Lydia got together and kissed in the last episode of 6a now we will see if they can keep it that way. And Scott as officially kissed every girl in his pack.

  • John Michael Beach

    IL am glad according to the producers that Scott and Malia will be endgame. I was not to fawn of them in the beginning but their relationship grew on me over time. I am just sad that teen wolf is coming to an end and they are just now presenting the Scott and Malia relationship. I wish they would have started sooner,as I previous stated I do like their relationship. It does feels a little bit rush to me and that’s what I don’t like about final seasons. It’s when you start a relationship in the final season everything feels rush. At least Scott will be happy. Well done Jeff Davis and I have one request but actually it’s more like a wish. I wish you would do an MTV movie of teen wolf to see where are all the characters down the line. I would like to see Scott and Malia in Paris and maybe a proposal or two.