Dalton Rapattoni Talks Themes Behind His Upcoming Album 'Nobodys Home' (Exclusive)

Dalton Rapattoni Talks Themes Behind His Upcoming Album 'Nobodys Home' (Exclusive)

Dalton Rapattoni‘s brand new single, “Signs”, is still on repeat in the JJJ offices right now.

But even better is knowing that we’ll be getting more Dalton music super soon!

The musician also announced his debut album, Nobodys Home, coming out on September 22nd — and JJJ has a big scoop on the record.

“It’s definitely a lot more optimistic than anything I’ve done in the past,” Dalton tells us about the overall theme. “I’ve sort of reached a point where I’m not just a mopey kid amymore that’s always crying and taking about how sad he is.”

“It’s nice to be able to be excited about things.”

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On top of “Signs”, Dalton has another favorite that is looking to take over your playlists soon.

“My personal favorite is probably ‘Would You Like That’. It’s a bit of a mixed bag on that one, because it is a love song, but not a particularly healthy one,” he says.

“I was in a situation where I was dating this girl, and we ended it on really bad terms, and we didn’t talk for like 3 years,” Dalton says about the story behind the song. “So over that time, my views on relationship got more and more unhealthy, and that’s when I wrote ‘Would You Like That’.

“Looking back now, I know that it’s unhealthy, but I think it’s important to show the mindset of someone in that place.”

Dalton also spoke to us about his personal musical influences and how they shaped the album.

“It’s tough to say because I listen to so much completely different music,” he reveals. “Like I listen to everything from Billie Holiday to Pantera to musicals to pirate shanties.”

Dalton adds, “So it’s hard to track down a specific all encompassing influence for the album but I’m sure I could find bits and pieces.”

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  • Traci Halpin

    Dalton I am so proud of you. Thank you for being real and sharing your stories about your album and songs. Signs is just the beginning. I can’t wait for the rest, and I especially can’t wait to see you live in CT at The Space. Just keep being you and telling the truth, and we’ll keep connecting with your music. I’ll be the one screaming Dalton you rock…im sure there will only be one of us????