Sabrina Carpenter, Jace Norman, & More Celebs Reveal Their Favorite Phone Apps (Exclusive)

Sabrina Carpenter, Jace Norman, & More Celebs Reveal Their Favorite Phone Apps (Exclusive)

Even famous people are obsessed with their phones.

We recently caught up with some of JJJ‘s favorite celebs and asked them about their most-used phone apps.

See what they had to say:

Sabrina Carpenter: “Oh, that’s hard! I don’t really play games or anything on my phone. I don’t have time! I’d say Instagram!”

Brent Rivera: “Oh, that’s a hard one. My favorite app I’d have to say is probably Instagram or something. I don’t want to be cliche. I don’t really know what app, I don’t really play any games except like this one game that’s a plane game and I have to land a plane. It’s so fun! It’s like the best thing ever, so maybe that’s my favorite app. It’s called X-Plane 10.”

Marcus Scrinber: “My favorite app, and I’m going to do a shameless plug, but my favorite app is YouTube! I love watching all the amazing videos that people like Brent put out and all those funny clips. YouTube is just probably one of my favorite apps, Instagram like Brent says, I love the iMessage app, it’s pretty cool too.”

Jace Norman: “Probably Snapchat. No, Instagram. Instagram, for sure.”

Peyton List: “Instagram is definitely the social that I check the most. I feel like I can get lost on the explore page and just looking up my friends’ photos. And once you start creeping, it’s hard to stop!”

Kendra-Leigh Timmins: “Definitely Instagram, because I think pictures are such a fun way to capture memories!”

TELL JJJ: Which phone app do you use the most?

- Reporting by Sharon Tharp @sharontharp

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