Tyler Posey Reminisces About What 'Teen Wolf' & Dylan O'Brien Really Meant To Him

Tyler Posey Reminisces About What 'Teen Wolf' & Dylan O'Brien Really Meant To Him

Tyler Posey is giving us way more feels than we were prepared for on a Friday.

During the Teen Wolf Comic-Con panel yesterday (July 20), the actor who plays Scott McCall in the series, opened up about how the show changed his life.

“We were 18 when we got started on the show. We’re adults now. We’re grown-a** men and it’s really emotional for me,” Tyler recalls. “It’s hard to explain how close this show is to my heart and how close everyone here is to me. They make me happier and they saved my life.”

He continues, “From the second that I booked it, because at that time I had been acting for 12 years and I had never done a leading role, so I was really excited to get this show.

“When I met Dyl[an O'Brien]…everything we were talking about before the show, we were talking about moving in together and it just felt really right and it felt really cool. We were both wearing skateboard company clothes…and I felt like there was a [connection].”

“We just had a lot in common with each other. It was just the greatest. Going into it, it was never going to be just a job. There is so much incentive to enjoy what I was doing. It wasn’t just work, it was friendship and finding my purpose in life.”

Tyler and Dylan Forever and Ever!

Click inside to see how his friendship with Dylan shaped him into who he is today…

He also spoke on how working on the show and his friendship with Dylan helped him battle through the dark times. Tyler lost his mother during season 5 and broke off his engagement to Seana Gorlick a few months after that.

“I go through a lot of gnarly, dark stuff too. What helps me is my friends, my family — a lot of times when I get down to a dark point, I don’t want to see anything. I can’t even say how many times Dyl has helped me see the better of things. This truly doesn’t happen a lot, this dynamic we have here.

He adds that on top of their friendship, therapy got him through a lot of his dark times: “Just reach out. Talk to people, therapy’s always great. Just talk, like you’re doing right now.”

“I just recently started coming out about all this stuff I’ve got going on. Life isn’t always supposed to be happy,” he adds. “I think learning to deal with the good and bad, I think that’s what people are searching for, is looking to be whole.”

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