Tallia Storm Reveals 10 Fun Facts About Her New Book (Exclusive)

Tallia Storm Reveals 10 Fun Facts About Her New Book (Exclusive)

Fun fact about Tallia Storm that you probably don’t know — on top of being an amazing singer, she’s also an author!

She actually just dropped her second novel, Pop Girl: Signed With A Kiss, and the JJJ Book Club is obsessed with it.

We’ll actually be hosting a really cool giveaway with Tallia this week too, so stay tuned!

Here’s the summary:

After an I-still-can’t-believe-it brush with fame, teen singing sensation Storm Hall is determined to keep her star on the rise. She records a demo, and soon her all-time favourite label wants to sign her. And is mega-hottie rock god Jase Mahone flirting with her?

A hotel suite in London, fancy cars, parties – Storm’s finally living the dream! But life as a pop star means letting go of her old life, even the people she loves most. Is this really the dream she wants?

Click inside to read Tallia’s 10 Fun Facts about her new book now!

  • The book is set in South West London. Imagine the buzz of being whizzed across London in fancy cars, passing Big Ben, shopping in Kings Road and in and out of recording studios and parties. That’s the scene
  • The main character is named Storm Hall, whom you will know from my first book. She’s now 15 years old, sassy, strong minded, ambitious, sometimes selfish and definitely gets carried away!
  • Storm is actually my real middle name. My parents said that my birth was such a storm they couldn’t call me anything else. My mum wanted to have it as my first name but my father said that growing up in Scotland with their canny sense of humour would be too much and I would be ridiculed so they compromised and agreed to have it as a middle name
  • In the book, Storm falls in love for the first time with Jase Mahone – whom I based on Shawn Mendes. I have met Shawn several times and have to admit I’m a proper fangirl
  • I debated using Justin Bieber as the inspiration for Jase Mahone but felt he was too wild for Storm!
  • In the book, Storm gets a record deal, attends red carpets events and gets a clothing deal. But the behind the glitz and glam it’s all quite lonely – that’s true! Don’t believe the hype and never forget your family
  • I tried to use all of amazing experiences from great people that I have had the good fortune of working with in the new book. From hair dressers, makeup artists, and producers. I actually used many real names for them, including my very first hairdresser in Glasgow, Taylor Ferguson Hairdressing. He did my hair for my very first Sir Elton John gig when I was 13 years old and I’m forever grateful
  • When I was coming up with the character names, I wanted them to have a connection to my own family and have a bit of fun. So I called Storm’s father ‘Bernie’. My family actually calls my real dad this when he is in a bad mood. We laugh every time we read it — not sure if my dad is pleased or not
  • There are two bullies in the book are called Emily and Gwen Douglas – (Yes I am guilty – they are based on a couple of old high school frenemies…)
  • The first book was definitely ‘Gossip Girl meets High School Musical’. Growing up I felt as if I was my very own Miley Cyrus – juggling school and music wasn’t always easy but I felt as if I was living my very own Hannah Montana fantasy. With my family being such a big part of ‘Signed with a Kiss’, I think Hannah Montana meets Modern Family is the perfect way to sum my latest book up
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