'The Originals' Season 5 Set Photo Might Have Spoiled a Lead Character's Death

'The Originals' Season 5 Set Photo Might Have Spoiled a Lead Character's Death


Season 5 of The Originals marks the series’ final season, so we already know some major drama is going down – but fans are not happy about this possible spoiler.

According to Moviefone, a photo from the writers’ room was leaked online by a new producer, revealing a major character’s death.

The producer has since deleted it, but not before the Internet saw it.

Click inside to find out which character may get killed off in season 5…

According to the writing on the whiteboard below, there’s a plan to kill off Hayley Marshall (Phoebe Tonkin) pretty early on in the new season.

As you know, Hayley is the mother of Hope Mikaelson, whose father is Klaus.

Fans have since been sending angry tweets to producers. Is Hayley being killed to further the Klaroline storyline of Caroline and Klaus? Would Hayley stay dead or come back to life? After all, she may have a brand-new romance coming up.

We’ll have to wait and see. The Originals season 5 will premiere in 2018!

Read more angry fan tweets below.

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Photos: The CW
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  • Gina

    Well it’s the final season, so it’s not like it really matters.

    • Scandocious Edward Jr.

      Its going to be a spin off.. Haley could be on that with her daughter

      • Gina

        Oh, I didn’t know there was gonna be a spin off. Maybe her daughter will use magic to bring her back.

        • Scandocious Edward Jr.


  • Kate

    Hayley has been a very important roll in The Orginals and has shown a lot of power for all females. Killing her off is a horrible idea. Without Hayley, The Originals is trash. I will refuse to watch The Originals ever again and I will refuse to watch any spin-off of the show or any other show Julie Plec creates.

    • hallie24

      They killed Stefan off so I could see them killing off Haley it is the finale season

  • Gabriella

    Hayley is such a strong female character: she doesn’t need anyone but herself – all she wants is to protect Hope, by taking her away from the show the writers are doing an injustice to feminism. They’re also making what an amazing show I used
    to believe it was into pure crap

    • Leigh

      This show has a very bad habit of killing off it’s female characters. I don’t think a male series regular has ever suffered the same fate.

  • disqus_00EVzGak64

    Hayley is my favorite character in the originals. There is no point in killing her. None of the fans will be happy about it and if the writers really care about what the fans think they wouldn’t kill Hayley. She makes the show 1000x better and without her the originals won’t be the same. If the writers kill Hayley then I personally won’t watch the series anymore

    • Author Varun Prabhu

      It is their last season. :P

  • disqus_dbHsJpWWds

    Hayley is the first female lead in the TVD/Originals universe who chose morals over love, didn’t crumple under pressure but thrived in it, and wasn’t used as a way to keep the male leads “good” like what was done with Elena/Damon, Caroline/Klaus, Cami/Klaus, and Davina/Kol. Feminism is important to the world now and without Hayley it’s just another patriarchical show led and written by women.

  • Hope San Miguel

    Probably one of the few fans who doesn’t care.i cant stand hayley!

  • Pam Dufresne

    Please don’t take her off she one of the best I hate it when they take a great actress off, also i want this show to last

  • Monica Deatrick

    Hayley is such a big part of the show!!! Why are they killing her off??!! It is killing me that this is not only the LAST season but it’s another HALF season to boot….. They are saying it’s ending because ratings went down, but maybe ratings dropped some BECAUSE of these HALF seasons….. It just pisses me off!!!!! I love The Originals & really don’t want to see it end yet

  • Jessica

    I love Hayley, She’s the reason I watch TO.
    Now I decided to boycott this show.

  • ellen

    Hayley Marshall-Kenner is the lead female role in the Originals. Killing her off makes no sense, it’s not ‘epic’, no one wants it to happen. She’s a mum, she has a 15 year old daughter and doesn’t deserve to die in the last season of TO. Also, the writers of this show call themselves feminist but they have killed off 2/3 lead females roles so far. The females in this show are only used for the purposes of ships and are killed off as soon as they
    get their own storyline. This is an awful idea for the plot and should not happen.

  • Deanna Jean Barrett

    If hayley dies im going to be pissed off. Thats not fair for us fans. She is the backbone of this show.

  • disqus_00EVzGak64

    Hayley is not only my favorite character, but she is one of the main characters of The Originals and I think it’s super unprofessional to kill one of the amazing characters on The Originals. Hayley is Hopes mom, are they just gonna rip her mom away from ? Hayley has tried so hard to keep her daughter happy and safe and this is what she gets in return? Hayley deserves so much more happiness and she doesn’t deserve to die. The Originals is my favorite show but without Hayley I’m done with it. Hayley is a great character they really shouldnt ruin the show on its last season. Hayley is the female lead role who has thought us all how embrace our inner feminest and not let anyone push you around . Hayley can’t die . She doesn’t deserve this! Julie Plec is just ruining characters! Hayley deserves the best ending with Hope

  • Deanna Jean Barrett

    If she dies and doesnt come back i swear all julie will get is death threats.fans would rebel she is just as important as the originals themselves i mean the show is about klaus having a one night stand with hayley and becoming a father so you wanna kill hayley you kill the show early and no ending thats good will matter not klaroline not a devina wedding with kole not if hayley dies i think everyone or most everyone wants haylijah si do what delena fans demand and do it for the love of god!!!!