Fans Debate Which Villain Could Be Mal's Father In 'Descendants' & The Theories Are Gold

Fans Debate Which Villain Could Be Mal's Father In 'Descendants' & The Theories Are Gold

Mal is the infamous daughter of Maleficent in Descendants…but we’re starting to wonder just who her father might be.

In a recent video discussing the subject, there are lots of theories about just who her father could actually be — could he be King Stephen, taking from the mythology of the live-action Maleficent, or even Jafar?

It’s a big question and the commenters on the video have the best theories about it all.

“I say her Father was a thief. He arrived on the Isle in hopes of stealing something for Maleficent allowing him to be powerful in a land without villains,” fan Eszra writes.

“He was never in love with Maleficent and used her. When Maleficent learned of this she went after him, but she was pregnant with Mal at the time. When Mal’s Father tried to escape and take even more power with him it was to much and he was destroyed.?”

Annabeth says, “I think that 3 years and 3 months after the villains were forced to the isle of the lost, Belle had an idea. What if they granted the villains kids?? Having children would have to make them better people, right?! And maybe, just maybe, it was a male fairy that made all of them women pregnant ( WITH MAGIC!!) and a female fairy gave the men children (because they couldn’t get pregnant)”

Hmmm, those are good ones.

Want to see JJJ’s favorite theory and the video? Click inside now!

Here’s our favorite so far, from Carly:

“I HAVE A THEORY! My theory is Mal knows who her father is, and her father is Smee from Peter Pan. I know crazy, but listen.

My evidence? Mal and Maleficent both showed hate toward Uma and her crew, one of Uma’s crew members being the son of Captain Hook. Smee himself was never really evil, and showed love towards certain things. He feared Hook and all he could do, a reason Maleficent calls him weak, due to the fact he never stood up for himself. Smee, being connected with Hook, sent him to the Isle.

Maleficent could’ve had a fling with Smee, ultimately impregnating her with Mal. When Smee found out, he wanted the child to be born and raised on good, Maleficent rather have her used for what she can’t do. This would’ve caused a fight between the two, Maleficent either killing him or running off to another part of the Isle to avoid his stupidity in raising it to be better and make good choices.

Weird, I know, but that’s my theory.”

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  • PNutButty

    But in the book it insinuates Maleficent was raped.

  • Matthew Doherty

    I say it’s Hans from Frozen. Human but not strong like Gaston or Shan Yu. We know Hans wants power so he would certainly try to woo the rules of the Isle of the Lost. And Hans can be smooth as well as cunning. I think Hans spent weeks or months trying to woo Maleficent, one night when she was feeling low like an anniversary of their inprisonment got her drunk (a moment of weakness) and they ended up with Mal.