Social Star Jessie Paege Dishes on Her New Book 'Hey, It's Okay To be You' (Exclusive)

Social Star Jessie Paege Dishes on Her New Book 'Hey, It's Okay To be You' (Exclusive)

Jessie Paege just announced that she has a book coming out and we’re so excited about it!

The social star actually has a two-book deal, and the first book is all about breaking stereotypes and spreading the message of self-acceptance.

Designed to boost self-esteem, promote individuality, and channel inner creativity just like Jessie‘s YouTube channel, the journal will be out on November 7th!

“Hey, It’s Okay to Be You” encourages readers to discover and embrace their true selves through writing prompts, challenges, games, and more — and JJJ has the exclusive scoop on Jessie‘s inspiration, message and more.

“I’m young, so a memoir just didn’t feel right for me yet,” Jessie tells JJJ. “But I do have a message to get across.”

She adds, “I touch on topics that are more advanced, but in a fun way so it’s easier for the younger audience to understand. This book allowed me to give my fans an opportunity to write their thoughts with me. There’s only so much that replying to a tweet can do, but having that personal space is important, so I’m hoping to provide them with that while keeping it fun.”

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JJJ: Has writing a book been one of your main goals?
: It has been – I wanted to make sure the time was right and that I was working with the right people who understood the message that I was trying to convey.

My subscribers always ask me to write a book based on the topics I am discussing on social media, so I did just that.

JJJ: You also incorporate writing prompts inside. How has writing helped you personally?
: My entire life I’ve always been one to journal my thoughts. As the years went on social media started to become a thing, and eventually I penned my thoughts on platforms like Twitter.

My people (subscribers) really felt like I could understand them, and the feeling was mutual. I try and be a voice for the voiceless. We all have so many thoughts going on inside of our heads, to get them out on paper is almost therapeutic.

JJJ: Are there certain passages in the book that you like the most?
: I have favorites, but you’ll have to wait and see!

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