Niki & Gabi Reveal New Single 'RU' Is A Preview Of More Music To Come (Exclusive)

Niki & Gabi Reveal New Single 'RU' Is A Preview Of More Music To Come (Exclusive)

Are you just loving Niki and Gabi‘s brand new video for “RU”? We know we are!

JJJ had the chance to chat with the social stars and singers about their brand new song and got the scoop on the vibe they were looking for.

“We wanted to make a song that gets stuck in people’s heads, a song a group of girls scream out loud and know all the words to,” they shared with us.

We know you didn’t miss the color scheme either, did you?

“Most people who follow us know that blue is a color associated with Niki and pink is the color associated with Gabi, so for the video, we wanted to go over the top with the whole pink and blue aesthetic with a retro flare. We basically wanted to make a Niki and Gabi world.”

The ladies also revealed that their sound has definitely matured from their first song, “First”.

“It was the first song we ever put out there that we wrote entirely by ourselves and recorded back home in Pennsylvania. It was our ‘first’ dive into music,” they say. “I think we were very unsure of our sound and what we wanted to stand for with our music, so we like to call that track our experimental track.”

Niki and Gabi add, “Now, we’re very clear where we want to go with our music, so this track “RU” is a very good representation of what’s to come with our music.”

Eep! We can’t wait!

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