'Shadowhunters' Season Finale Revealed The Big Bad of Season Three

'Shadowhunters' Season Finale Revealed The Big Bad of Season Three

Shadowhunters season finale definitely brought it last night on Freeform.

We saw just about everything — from Clary killing Valentine and saving Jace, to Simon becoming a boyfriend and secret Seelie Queen prisoner all at once — and if you were paying attention, you also saw that Jonathan is still alive.

On top of that, Jonathan’s MOM is also alive — and she’s going to be a major player in season three when the show returns.

“Her name is Lillith,” showrunner Todd Slavkin shared with TVLine. “Her blood runs through Jonathan Morgenstern. It was her blood that Valentine used to experiment on poor young Jonathan.”

He also confirmed that “she’s the Big Bad in Season 3. We were very geeked out when we created her entrance. What an awesome entry into the world in that cave with the wraiths all molding into one. We got really excited by that.”

Season three will also be major for Clary in that she’s gone vicious and we could be seeing a darker side of her in the new season.

“We can’t say enough about Kat McNamara‘s performance throughout the entire finale,” he adds. “In that fight [against Valentine], her ferociousness and her relentlessness at killing him felt like this was a huge move forward with this character. Clary will never be the same after this.”

“Both of her parents have died, and she’s the one who killed her father. There’s no going back to the little 18-year-old talking about art school. She’s embracing her Shadowhunter heritage more than ever.”

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