'Stitchers' Gut-Wrenching Season Finale Ending Scene Wasn't In The Original Script At All

'Stitchers' Gut-Wrenching Season Finale Ending Scene Wasn't In The Original Script At All


Anyone else still shook from that Stitchers end scene on last night’s season finale? Because we are.

Here’s what happened: After Kirsten’s latest stitch, the team was informed that it interfered with her long-term memory, and she no longer remembers any of them – including Cameron.

However, she actually does! It looked to all be a bluff because you see Kirsten, at the end saying to someone off camera: “I will never forgive you for what you’re making me do to him.”

OUR CAMSTEN HEARTS YOU GUYS! What you didn’t know though is that particular scene wasn’t in the original script at all.

“Originally, that ending was not in the script,” star Kyle Harris revealed to TVLine. “The episode was supposed to end with Cameron leaving and Kirsten just sitting there, not remembering anything.”

He adds, “As we were shooting, I think we had three days left, our showrunner Jeff [Schechter] had this idea: What if someone came into the frame, but we don’t know who it is, and suddenly it goes from Kirsten not having her memory to doing a total 180 and dropping that line? That was the one-two punch I think we were missing.”

“We’ve seen the amnesia thing. When [Jeff] came up with that idea, it blew all of our minds. Who is she talking to? What does this mean? Who is she doing this for? It’s so much more intriguing.”

Uh, season 4 needs to happen right now! Right now!

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  • DsChubba

    What a cliff hanger, I mean you can just have Cameron with his shirt half undone. Oh and the end was pretty great too ????

  • Dean Vukovic

    Well first we didn’t get any real answers from season 1 and season 2, like did Kirsten dad really killed all this people or no and what really happened years ago and why did he really left Kirsten and never return again and so many other things and to me it looks from s03e10 that dr stinger don’t even recognize his daughter Kirsten like she died for him the day she changed his surname and he only cares and loves his wife and as soon he was his wife moving head he jumped straight away to c heck on her, but he didn’t even look or even bother checking on his daughter Kirsten and this ending now it is even more complicated about everything, I think it could be Cameron’s mother or meggie, I don’t think it is her dad dr stinger and his wife and Kirsten mother when she wakes up will she even know who she is as they screw up her brain and she wouldn’t be called an asset just like that, she has to be doing something bad for them. We need season 4 with all this answers but with minimum of 15 episodes