Manolo Vergara, Jessie Paege & Teala Dunn Lead Cast of AT&T Hello Lab's 'Guilty Party'

Manolo Vergara, Jessie Paege & Teala Dunn Lead Cast of AT&T Hello Lab's 'Guilty Party'

AT&T Hello Lab’s new series Guilty Party has a lot of familiar names in it!

The series centers on what happens when the victim of high school bullying appears to start taking revenge on the clique that casts her out, has has the audience play detective to discover who is exposing everyone’s secrets.

Guilty Party debuts on Tuesday, August 29th with weekly episodes and daily character vlogs on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more. The series will also air on DIRECTV NOW later this year.

Here’s who is playing who:

  • Emma (Tiffany Alvord) – A golden girl whose life is upended when she becomes a viral meme after she is filmed freaking out when her diary is stolen and published. She is determined to find out who did it and why.
  • Tatiana (Teala Dunn) – A type-A overachiever who loves being part of the school’s “power couple,” she always been a little angry at Emma for whom everything seemed so effortless.
  • Jake (Kian Lawley) – A ladies’ man who was dating Emma when the diary was revealed, he never quite understood their relationship and now that she’s disappeared, he may never. He’s moving on but his new relationship isn’t smooth sailing either.
  • Alex (Miles McKenna) – Alex was never the center of the group but always the glue and keeper of secrets.
  • Charlie (Jessie Paege) – A rebel from the wrong side of the tracks who grew up with Tatiana and Emma and their group, Charlie does not define herself as part of it. Although she shuns the hypocrisy of high school antics, she sometimes yearns to be part of it.
  • Preston (Manolo Vergara) – The King to Tatiana’s Queen. Destined for great things, he also has something to hide that could shatter his dreams.
  • Tess (Alexis G. Zall) – Providing a narrative voice to keep the story moving, her video blog is seen by the student body as an all-knowing guide to the lives of the in-crowd.

Stay tuned for more info about the series on JJJ!

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