Teen Wolf's Ryan Kelley Opens Up About What Exactly Happened to Lydia & Parrish

Teen Wolf's Ryan Kelley Opens Up About What Exactly Happened to Lydia & Parrish

Once upon a time on Teen Wolf, it looked like Lydia and Deputy Parrish were headed towards a relationship — but it just didn’t happen.

If you’re like us, you’re probably asking why in all sorts of context. Why was it dropped? Why was it even teased?

Ryan Kelley, who plays Parrish, opened up about the could’ve been relationship with TVLine after the latest episode — and it sounds like even he’s kind of disappointed it didn’t happen.

“They definitely teased you with it, then it didn’t happen. But whatever happened or didn’t, and whatever people were hoping for, Parrish did have a connection with Lydia – and vice versa,” he says. “They’re both people who had recently discovered that they’re supernatural, so they went through the same thing. Parrish is a little older, but Lydia is wise beyond her years, so they clicked. They definitely had a friendship, and Parrish wanted something more, but it wasn’t his place to do anything.”

Lydia, played by Holland Roden, went on to finally be with Stiles after many, many seasons.

Ryan adds that because of the timing “it didn’t necessarily work out to the advantage of them as a couple” and that he’s actually a bigger fan of Stydia than he is of Marrish.

“Personally, I’m sad that Lydia and Parrish didn’t get to explore their relationship more,” he reveals. “But as a fan, I totally get it. It didn’t need to happen. Last season was an amazing storyline, and it couldn’t have happened if Lydia had been with Parrish.”

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  • Shell

    A lot of storylines got tossed just so they could do Stydia and it’s just another reason some are glad it’s ending.

  • Aire Lightwood

    Actually it was possible to do the stydia storyline, even with Marrish as a couple, because Stydia was better as a friendship. Teen Wolf writers decided to prop up stydia and they put down any other relationship these guys had. Lydia was blossoming an amazing relationship with Jordan, Stiles needed to sort out things with Malia, and they tossed away Sciles, that is the focal relationship on the show.
    Everyone thinks about Stiles feelings on this show, but no one cares about Lydia. Lydia who in 1×11 wanted to stay with Jackson even if she was dancing with Stiles. Lydia that in 3×22 looked for Jackson while being in Stiles’ head.
    Lydia that showed interested in Jackson, young Peter, Aiden, Jordan and even Scott in the first season (she was looking at SCOTT seductively in 1×01) and never in Stiles. They had to retconning season 6, saying that Lydia started to feel something for Stiles in 3×11 but I don’t believe it at all. Lydia knows what she feels, and beino with Stiles was just a fanservice.
    Lydia has a much better connection with Jordan. They are the same, they’re learning their powers together, they have a proper connection and they are attracted to each other, Lydia checked out Jordan’s naked chest in 6×14.
    Marrish was a better choice than Stydia, and is such a missed occasion for the writers and for us that wanted to see a fresh and new relationship.