Three Of Your Favorite 'Bunk'd' Actors Aren't Returning For Season Three!

Three Of Your Favorite 'Bunk'd' Actors Aren't Returning For Season Three!

Bunk’d may be returning for a third season but it’s going to be a lot different!

Disney Channel just revealed that three of our favorite actors from the series won’t be returning for the upcoming season.

We’re so sad to share that Kevin Quinn, Nina Lu and Nathan Arenas won’t be back for season three.

Although the cast hasn’t spoken out about the departures, the network had this to say:

“Producers reassessed the story plan for season three and both creative and casting choices were made; the writers will now begin the story arcs that introduce new characters that will be announced soon.”

While we’re super sad Kevin, Nina and Nathan won’t be back on Bunk’d, we can’t wait to see what they do next!

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  • frederick.

    Kevin is way too talented for this show anyway.

  • c s

    Strange. The show has strong ratings according to Disney yet Kevin and two others are let go.

    • Mohammad Yasin

      how do u know they were let go what if they wanted to leave

  • rjceasar

    Agree….. The Ross kids are fun to watch on the show, Bunk’d; but, the three that were let go MADE the show in a lot of ways. Now my family will have to find something else to watch. Hopefully when Disney realizes that they, once again, made a mistake, perhaps they will re-hire these MAIN characters back.

    • strawbabies

      The promos for season 3 look like a totally different show. But I heard that this will also be the last season.

      • strawbabies

        “Producers reassessed the story plan for season three and both creative and casting choices were made…” means they let them go.

      • wizdomii

        If you’ve seen it you’ll agree it should be the last season.

  • RyanTNT

    Kevin Quinn has always wanted to be a rockstar…he auditioned for American Idol…so he wasnt let go hes leaving. And the characters of Jorge and Tiffany werent all that funny so none of these moves shock me.

    • wizdomii

      True, but why replace the with characters that are less funny? Never thought I would miss Jorge. lol

  • Junior51MI

    I wonder what a show about the Ross kids grown up might be like with an older Jessie coming back from Hollywood for a reunion, that maybe they choose to hold at Camp Kikiwaka…. possibilitities

  • Georgianna Giampieto

    I just watched the first show of the season. I hated it. Disney messed up letting the 3 characters go. Will definitely not be watching again. My children didn’t like it either, they really miss Xander, Tiffany, and Jorge.

  • Mazura52

    my 8yr old twin granddaughters don’t like the new bunk’d set up – what has Disney done now? every time they really start to like something, Disney changes it. guess it’s time for them to go back to Nick

  • Barbara Matthews

    This new version stinks, Disney has taken off all the good shows and now even the few that were left are being ruined.

  • Velvettip

    Disney decided to replace the Latino boy, Nathan Arenas, and Asian girl, Nina Lu with 3 white kids. I guess no kids of color were available?

    • Georgette

      do you not see Ravi Ross, last I saw he is not white?

      • Kentisha Dunn

        Neither is Zuri. Did you read what they actually wrote? They replaced 2 minorities with 3 Caucasians. Hence the “I guess no kids of color were available?”. They were talking about as replacements for the ousted actors/characters.

  • Tina Back Lowery

    I think they made a Huge casting mistake. These new characters are horrible!