'Raven's Home' Star Navia Robinson Offers Advice To Fans Who Fear Dancing In Front of Others

'Raven's Home' Star Navia Robinson Offers Advice To Fans Who Fear Dancing In Front of Others

It’s Nia’s first dance tonight on Raven’s Home — and she’s really excited, until she’s not.

Turns out that Nia (played by Navia Robinson), doesn’t love dancing in front of other people, and many people are the same way.

However, Navia has some pretty sound advice in conquering your fears about this.

“Whether it’s getting over a fear of dancing or anything else, I always find comfort in a friend or family member,” Navia tells JJJ. “Sometimes it’s hard to overcome obstacles by yourself, and it’s okay to ask for help.”

She adds, “Nowadays, there is so much pressure to be perfect or to not have flaws, so you have to cancel out the negative voices you hear and instead fill your head with your own motivations and positivity.”

“It can be dancing or anything else at all, just remember that you’re you and no one else is….That is powerful enough to conquer any fear.”

Tonight’s episode also focuses on how Raven is overcompensating, for fear that she’s not spending enough time with her kids.

This is something to definitely remember and give your parents a shout out once in a while, too, Navia says.

“It’s often difficult to remember all of the things that your mom or dad has to juggle on a daily basis. Their profession, housework, taking care of the family, etc,” she shares.

“I believe this episode is a great reminder that parents balance a lot and have a huge effect on our everyday lives,” Navia told us. “My mom is A-MAZING at multi-tasking and keeping up with the variety of things that me and my family have to do daily, which I appreciate so very much!”

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