Louis Tomlinson Gave PRETTYMUCH the Best Advice

Louis Tomlinson Gave PRETTYMUCH the Best Advice

PRETTYMUCH is stepping further and further into the spotlight, so it makes sense that former One Direction member Louis Tomlinson would give his labelmates advice about being in a prominent boy band.

Edwin Honoret, Zion Kuwonu, Nick Mara, Brandon Arreaga, and Austin Porter talked to Pop Shop Podcast about their exchange.

“He told us to just [stick] together and keep each other grounded,” Brandon remembered. “Hold each other down.”

The other members chimed in about the other advice Louis gave them: “He says it gets crazy and he experienced it first-hand.”

PRETTYMUCH also revealed that they are grateful that they didn’t have to rise to fame as they became friends, as One Direction did. They were able to become friends first, which they think is “definitely a good thing.”

Listen to the full interview here!

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