Lindsay Arnold Says Jordan Fisher Feels the DWTS Pressure to Be Perfect (Exclusive)

Lindsay Arnold Says Jordan Fisher Feels the DWTS Pressure to Be Perfect (Exclusive)

Lindsay Arnold and Jordan Fisher are set to take the dance floor on tonight’s Dancing With The Stars with an Incredibles-inspired Charleston.

JJJ spoke with Lindsay before hand and she reveals that she and Jordan definitely feel that pressure to deliver something amazing every week.

“The biggest challenge for us was worrying about letting people down a bit,” she says. “We don’t ever want to come out and have a dance that has the audience saying ‘I expected more from Jordan‘.”

Lindsay adds, “Jordan came out very strong that first week and he has a high standard that he has to uphold now. That puts the pressure on him because this is not easy for him. This is not something he’s done before ever and unlike any style that he’s ever learned. It’s a challenge for him, just like it is for everyone else.”

Jordan is putting a ton of pressure on himself for that reason.

“Getting over those challenges, while also recognizing that people are expecting a lot from him week after week, I think that’s the biggest challenge,” Lindsay shared. “He did well [last week], but he still has big shoes to fill and those are his own shoes. He’s gotta make sure he gets better week after week.”

And don’t think that just because you’re wowed by their performances that it’s a piece of cake rehearsing it, because it’s not.

“People maybe do think that this is easy for him and it’s not a challenge because he’s already so good — and it’s not,” she adds. “It’s the exact opposite; because he is good, he has to get better, unless it’s boring and nobody wants to watch. There’s a lot of pressure in that area.”

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