Jordan Fisher & Lindsay Arnold Will Dance Contemporary For 'DWTS's Most Memorable Year Next Week

Jordan Fisher & Lindsay Arnold Will Dance Contemporary For 'DWTS's Most Memorable Year Next Week

Next week is Most Memorable Year on Dancing With The Stars and we’re getting the scoop on Team Fish Upon a Star‘s performance straight from them.

Jordan Fisher and Lindsay Arnold will be performing a contemporary piece for the show.

“It’s by far the most special week that Jordan and I will share together,” Lindsay exclusively tells JJJ. “We’ll be opening up about his family story and it’s something that he’s never actually shared publicly before.”

She adds, “He’s really looking forward to sharing this and I’m excited because I know how important it is to him. I want to make sure that we tell the story in a way that he’s always wanted to tell it. We’re doing a contemporary, so it will be emotional.”

So, fair warning, bring tissues.

Not much is known about Jordan‘s family situation as it’s something he’s guarded, so this truly is the first time he’ll be opening up about it.

“I’ve talked to Jordan a little bit about his story,” Lindsay adds, “and America will be able to hear this incredible story that made Jordan who he is today. It’s unique and he recognizes how blessed and how lucky he is to have had the life and childhood he had. He’s grateful for that and you’ll be seeing how the things that happened to him have shaped him.”

If you missed Jordan and Lindsay‘s Incredibles-inspired Charleston, watch it now!

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  • Alex

    Well I hope they give some other people contemporary as well, because there isn’t much of a greater gift the show can give to a contestant than a contemporary dance for most memorable year.

    • Nine Anutza

      the thing is, not many pros on the show know how to choreograph contemporary and the other two couples that have also, Peta doesn’t know how to and Artem has only done one before. Other than Allison, Derek, Mark, Lindsay and Sharna knows how to tell well their partners stories and more if it’s with contemporary…

      • Alex

        Peta really capitalized on contemporary in her finale dance with Nyle. If you do a search on YouTube for “and Artem contemporary” or “and Peta contemporary” (without quotes) you’ll find that both have done more than one. Many couples choose contemporary for their freestyles if they make it to the finale.