'Riverdale' Fans Are Convinced Betty Cooper's Mom is a Witch

'Riverdale' Fans Are Convinced Betty Cooper's Mom is a Witch

With the Sabrina the Teenage Witch TV spinoff confirmed, the Riverdale fandom is going in deep with fan theories.

The latest one — that Betty Cooper’s mom, Alice Cooper, might be a witch — actually makes a lot of sense.

Tumblr user betty-and-jughead makes a pretty compelling argument about a potential Riverdale & Sabrina crossover.

“[Alice Cooper is] constantly using terms like ‘brew’ and ‘banish’ and ‘witching hour,’” the user writes, “and i’m wondering if perhaps she’s the black sheep of the family that doesn’t want to accept her witchcraft lineage and instead decided to shun her family, move away from SouthSide, marry Hal and build a fresh new life for herself.”

As a clever Buzzfeed video explains, it’s possible Alice Cooper has been hiding her witchy status to raise her kids as mortals. Witches are able to choose between being baptized during a satanic ritual or living as mortals in The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina comics, and it’s a plausible theory.

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