Katie Stevens Claps Back at Man Who Says She Needs To 'Learn To Deal With' Catcalling

Katie Stevens Claps Back at Man Who Says She Needs To 'Learn To Deal With' Catcalling

Katie Stevens was one of the many women who stood up on Twitter with the #MeToo campaign, launched by actress Alyssa Milano.

This morning, The Bold Type actress opened up on how, while she’s never been a victim of sexual harassment herself, she has been catcalled, and was inspired by the countless others who were coming forward and sharing their own stories.

“Some men will never know what it’s like to walk down the street, be catcalled, fear for their safety or the sanctity of their space. #metoo,” Katie wrote.

“Thank you to the brave men and women who have spoken up and said #metoo about their experiences. You are not alone in this.”

In response, one man told Katie to learn to “deal with” the countless advances made by men, including catcalling — and her reply was perfect.

“Sorry, not gonna ‘learn to deal with it.’ I’ve said ‘not interested’ and then get called a ‘b****.’ Unwanted attention.. Unwanted=harassment.”

After her tweet, another came forward (this time a woman), who rather sarcastically said that “Sure, you haaaate it when men think you’re attractive and vocalize it. Boo hoo, you’re so oppressed.”

Katie wasn’t having that at all — and neither are we. Is this actually a real person?!

“Yeah, I hate it when it’s vocalized in a disgusting manner that makes me feel unsafe & uncomfortable. nice of you to condescend me though,” Katie responded. “If you don’t mind someone complimenting your ass that’s your choice but its important to support women who do mind and don’t want that.”

If you’re lost about all of this, let us explain: IT’S NEVER OKAY FOR ANYONE TO CATCALL. EVER.

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