Maddie Ziegler Doesn't Have Any Plans For Halloween This Year (Exclusive)

Maddie Ziegler Doesn't Have Any Plans For Halloween This Year (Exclusive)

Most of us had a Halloween party over the weekend to go to and leading up to the actual day, we’ll probably be handing out candy at doors — and that’s kind of true for Maddie Ziegler too.

While we saw on Instagram that she had a little fun event with her dance group, Maddie doesn’t actually have plans for Halloween night.

“I don’t think I’ll be doing anything at all,” she told us in our interview last week. “Unless my friends say that we’re going to do something, I’m not going to be doing anything.”

However, she doesn’t really see it as a problem: “If nothing happens and if I’m alone by myself at home, I’m going to just try out some Halloween makeup in my room and just try our different looks. And honestly, that would be a great time for me too. That satisfies me and makes me happy, and if that’s all I’ll be doing on Halloween, I’ll be happy.”

JJJ also chatted with Maddie about the culture shock between the Halloweens in Los Angeles versus the ones in her hometown of Pittsburgh.

“It’s definitely a culture shock,” she says. “When I trick-o-treated in LA that one year, it was all huge houses with haunted mansions and a big maze while in Pittsburgh, you just run up straight to the front door. It’s a lot different, and honestly, I do like both.”

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