Colleen Ballinger Reveals Just How Much Work Goes Into Miranda Sings (Exclusive)

Colleen Ballinger Reveals Just How Much Work Goes Into Miranda Sings (Exclusive)

We all know by now that being a professional vlogger isn’t just filming five minutes a day and uploading the video — it’s much more, and Colleen Ballinger can tell you all about it.

The digital creator behind Miranda Sings spoke to JJJ about the characters’ creation and just how much time she spends with Miranda every day.

“It’s a lot of hard work, but totally worth it,” she confesses.

Colleen adds, “I think people watch my videos and think that she only films for three minutes a day and it’s just a character for those three minutes, but in reality, Miranda is a huge part of my life.”

So how much time does Colleen really spend on Miranda? All the free time she has, is almost non-existent.

“If you ask any one of my family or friends if I ever took a break, they would laugh at you. It’s a 24/7 job,” she tells us before breaking down her film schedule.

“For me personally, I am a night owl and that’s when I’ll come up with my ideas and write out scripts for a few hours,” Colleen says. “Depending on what type of video it is, I’ll come up with that concept and shoot my videos in chunks.”

She continues, “On a typical Saturday, I’ll be shooting about three or four videos at once and edit it throughout the entire week and do the title, market it, put up the picture on social media, and all that stuff.”

“That is a full time job. But when I’m not working on that, I’m working on Haters Back Off, or the tour. I’m working non stop, but I love what I do.”

Haters Back Off season two is streaming now on Netflix.

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