Lili Reinhart Reveals There's a Reason Betty Isn't Wearing Her Ponytail So High on 'Riverdale'

Lili Reinhart Reveals There's a Reason Betty Isn't Wearing Her Ponytail So High on 'Riverdale'

Lili Reinhart‘s Betty Cooper has gone through hell and back again on Riverdale so far this season.

The actress chatted with Bustle about the psychological effects that doing Black Hood’s bidding is having on Betty — and it’s not good.

“It brought me closer to Betty; it made me feel like I got to know her better on a personal level,” she shared. “It wasn’t Betty’s interaction with anyone else, it was just focusing on her and all the different shades and sides of her and her darkness. It made me feel a lot closer to the character that I play, which is an opportunity that I don’t think people get to have.”

Working with Black Hood to protect herself and her friends has also taken a toll on Betty’s look. Did anyone notice how her ponytail isn’t as high and the dark circles under her eyes?

“I wanted to show Betty’s emotional state through her appearance. I remember reading episode 5 and calling down and saying in the last scene when she has broken things off with everyone, I want to be in a pale sweater and I want to look completely washed out, I want to have barely any makeup on. I want to look like a hollow person,” Lili says.

“I wanted her to look hollow because she is at the end, because she has no one,” she adds. “The Black Hood has completely ripped apart everything that she thought about who she was and made her rethink who she was.”

Lili continues, “My hair changes: at first she tries to put on a facade like things are OK then progressively throughout the episode the hair comes down, it is in a low pony, then my makeup starts to dissipate as well, and added some dark under eye circles to help give that hollow look.”

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