Rita Volk Reflects on 'Faking It' & Imagines Where Amy Is Now

Rita Volk Reflects on 'Faking It' & Imagines Where Amy Is Now

Faking It has been over for over a year and no, JJJ still isn’t over it.

Katie Stevens is one of the stars who opened up about what it felt like when the show was cancelled, and now Rita Volk, who played Amy, is doing the same.

Speaking with Clevver, Rita shared that when the show was cancelled it was “scary and it’s depressing. There were definitely a few moments where I was like, ‘Okay, well, what now?’ Because you book something like that and you’re working consistently and that show ran for three seasons so it was all that we all knew…”

For Rita, personally, she went through “a dry spell,” she calls it. “But then you feel bad complaining about it because it’s not anything that any actor hasn’t gone through. It’s just the life of an actor.”

She adds that the impact the show had was something she was touched by.

“One girl – I mean, not just one girl – but one I remember was, ‘I came out to my mom while watching your show,’ and that was beautiful,” she remembers. “That was amazing. None of us predicted that we would have that sort of impact, so I think the pressure was just in doing this group of people and community right and portraying the subject matter in the most authentic way that we possibly could.”

So, where does Rita think Amy is now? With Karma perhaps?

“I definitely see her as someone who goes on to college and really finds her group and is able to live her life and no one cares, which, is a good thing, that she can just be who she is just like any other college student today,” Rita says.

Or, “Maybe she’s out there in – I don’t know – Peru making some sort of documentary about some sort of weird animal species or whatever. I don’t know. Something weird, but that’s probably where she is right now.”

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  • Big C

    Thank you for posting this article. I loved Faking It (my favorite show ever), and Rita’s portrayal of Amy was so good on that show. I hope Faking It was just the start of a long, successful acting career for Rita.

  • Big C

    And like you, JJJ, I’m still not over the cancellation of Faking It. I was absolutely devastated when the show was canceled. MTV sabotaged the show; first they put it on a nine-month hiatus in the middle of Season 2, then someone from MTV leaked Season 2B on the internet (which hurt the show’s ratings considerably), then they gave it a bad time slot and zero promotion in Season 3, before canceling it. MTV had a great show, and instead of embracing it, they did everything they could to keep it from succeeding. It’s a shame, too, because Faking It was a show that made a difference in many people’s lives.