Alissa Violet Shows Off Bruises After Reportedly Getting Into Fight at Bar

Alissa Violet Shows Off Bruises After Reportedly Getting Into Fight at Bar

Alissa Violet was left with quite a few bruises after reportedly getting into a bar fight in Ohio after the Thanksgiving holiday.

While out with boyfriend FaZe Banks in her hometown, she was apparently hit in the face by a man who works at the Barley House bar in Cleveland.

FaZe posted a few photos of the man who allegedly hit Alissa, as well as two other employees who were involved.

The YouTuber also posted a close up shot of Alissa‘s injuries on Twitter.

“Posting a video about this whole situation and explaining everything A-Z as soon as I can. This sh-t is not ok and we’re going to get to the bottom of it. Love you liss, so sorry this happened.”

from Alissa's Snapchat :(

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After sharing the images, the Barley House Bar released their own statement, calling both Alissa and Faze “instigators” and “liars”.

To Whom it May Concern;
We have done an internal investigation and have come to the conclusion that our employees did an exceptional job handling the situation that was instigated on three separate occasions throughout the night by Ricky Banks and Alissa Violet. We have also come to the conclusion that Ricky and Alissa are instigators, liars, and manipulators. They are trying to use their social media influence to not only destroy our business, but to encourage people to harm our employees physically and emotionally.

Shame on those of you that have just taken these two intoxicated people’s words to the point of threatening innocent people’s lives before we could even do our proper due diligence to assure no one on our team did anything wrong. If we or someone on our team did do something wrong, believe us, the situation would have been handled properly that way as well, but that was not the case. This is not only evident in the video footage and witness statements, but in some audio that was recorded in which you can hear Ricky and Alissa yelling “Do you know who we are?? We can ruin you!”, over and over…

We felt obligated as local owners to stand up to these lies against our establishment and our employees with the hope that we shed light on what kind of people Alissa and Ricky actually are. We would also like to let the two of them know that we will not tolerate false accusations against anyone else that is wrongfully accused in our place of doing something they didn’t do by some other intoxicated patrons that claim they were innocent and remember everything.

Thankfully, our staff is extremely close and will stick together to support each other and the other innocent people that are being accused of things they never even did just because they look like someone else. We use opportunities like these to get closer and we appreciate all of the support and loyalty we have received from all of our local customers. We will continue to provide a safe & fun atmosphere for all that enjoy themselves at our establishment in a grownup manner to the utmost of our ability just as we have done so for the last eight years.

We have evidence and video footage that will support our statement. In the meantime, we ask that everyone show respect to our employees or anyone else until the proper legal steps allow us to reveal the entire footage. We will not be intimidated by those just looking for attention themselves via social media or those of you supporting such ridiculous accusations claimed by these two individuals before even doing your homework of what really happened.

We as owners, take full responsibility for what happens in our business, and we ask that if that any of you cowards that have been threatening our employees, especially our female employees and their families, that you direct your threats to the ones who are ultimately responsible, the ownership!

Unity is Strength,
Barley House Ownership

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