FCC Votes To Repeal Net Neutrality - Here's What It All Means

FCC Votes To Repeal Net Neutrality - Here's What It All Means

If you’re on social media, you know by now that that the FCC has voted to repeal Net Neutrality.

What is that? Net neutrality is used to describe a set of regulations that ensure all information flowing over the internet is treated equally.

In layman’s terms, it means that companies can not block websites or offer certain companies faster loading speeds for money. So, if you want to visit YouTube, or Netflix, your internet service provider can’t charge you money for visiting them.

This was all cancelled about 10 minutes ago when the FCC voted to repeal just about everything.

Now, you have to imagine a world where we HAVE TO PAY an extra $10, or $20, or more so that the Netflix movie you’re watching is fast enough. You have to pay $15 per month to even use Twitter, or Instagram, or a whole lot more than that.

You want to watch your favorite music video online, or keeping up with Vlogmas on YouTube? Get your credit card number ready.

However, the ruling isn’t set in stone just yet. There are lawsuits coming (the entire state of New York is) and on top of that, it has to pass through Congress.

We’ll update as new information comes available

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