Is Betty The Black Hood On 'Riverdale'? New Theory Suggests So!

Is Betty The Black Hood On 'Riverdale'? New Theory Suggests So!

This new theory has us going WHAT?! Could Betty be the Black Hood???

One Twitter user posted the theory and has some very good points that validate it. And yes, how could that be if she’s received calls from and engaged with the Black Hood?

First, remember Dark Betty in season one? This could be that Betty has dissociative identity disorder, which could cause her to be the Hood and just simply not remember it.

Second, the phone calls? Dark Betty could have pre-recorded quotes from the Black Hood, used a voice changing software to hide her real identity, and used some software to make calls to the real Betty in real time. Then Black Hood’s code that only Real Betty can crack? Hmmm…

Then, in the mid-season finale, Betty burned all the Black Hood’s stuff except the ski mask. Why keep the mask? Is there a part of Real Betty that subconsciously knows that Dark Betty needs that to be Black Hood?

DO YOU THINK Betty could be the Black Hood??

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