Daniel Gillies Gives Glimmer of Hope For 'Haylijah' Fans on 'The Originals'

Daniel Gillies Gives Glimmer of Hope For 'Haylijah' Fans on 'The Originals'

Daniel Gillies isn’t giving up hope on Haylijah on The Originals at all.

Speaking with TVGuide, the actor, who plays Elijah Mikaelson, opened up about the fate of the could-be couple on the series.

“As long as there’s an Elijah and there’s a Hayley, there will always be some kind of love story transpiring,” Daniel shared. “I think that at the very least we’ll revisit who they are to each other.”

In other words, they could, or couldn’t truly reunite as a couple.

Showrunner Julie Plec isn’t sugar coating the situation though — “It’s been seven years since Elijah walked out of her life, and they didn’t necessarily end in a way that felt like their relationship was closed.”

But since it’s been seven years, we need to remember that Hayley might have moved on, too.

“When we get to see her seven years later, a nice surprise is that she actually seems to be doing OK,” Julie adds. “She’s got this like smokey, blue-eyed, restaurateur who’s got his eye on her.”

The Originals final season premieres on April 20th on The CW.

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  • tracy

    The Originals has a very bad habit of killing off it’s female characters. Male series regular has never suffered the same fate. Hayley is such a strong female character: she doesn’t need anyone but herself – all she wants is to protect Hope, by taking her away from the show Julie Plec ruin the show.

  • Gabriella

    TO S4 was the best season,and now Julie will ruin the show with Candice and Caroline. Julie Plec made a TVD final atrocious, and now by killing off Hayley TO final will be the worst final CW ever had

  • Fernanda

    Hayley is amazing character and great mother. Hayley can’t die. She doesn’t deserve this. Hayley deserves the best ending with Hope. Julie Plec really shouldn’t ruin the TO on its last season. If Julie Plec kill off Hayley I will boycott this show and I won’t watch anything else Julie Plec has her hands on.

  • disqus_dbHsJpWWds

    Hayley is the first female lead in the TVD/TO universe who chose morals over love, didn’t crumple under pressure but thrived in it, and wasn’t used as a way to keep the male leads “good” like what was done with Elena/Damon, Caroline/Klaus, Cami/Klaus, and Davina/Kol. Feminism is important to the world now and without Hayley it’s just another patriarchical show led and written by women.

  • emily

    Julie seems to have a problem with moms, she constantly kills them in
    her show. She killed off Katie in Containment, Jo in TVD, and now she
    want to do the same in The Originals. It’s really disgusting. It looks like that Julie think the only mother who deserve to live is Caroline. It is disgusting that Julie think it is ok to kill off a mother, to make a place for Caroline

  • Kate

    Very disappointed that Julie Plec killed off Hayley. Hayley is my only favorite character, she is one of the main characters of The Originals and it’s super unprofessional to kill one of the amazing characters on The Originals. Hayley is Hope’s mom, are they just gonna rip her mom away from her ? Hayley has tried so hard to keep her daughter happy and safe and this is what she gets in return? Hayley deserves so much more happiness and she doesn’t deserve to die. The Originals is my favorite show but without Hayley I’m done with it.

  • Alice

    Julie Plec thinks she can kill Hope’s mother because she suddenly decided to bring a certain blonde vampire from a deceased show to The Originals. I will not continue to watch a show made by people who disrespect the fandom like that.

  • ellen

    Julie call herself feminist but she have killed off 2/3 lead females roles so far. In season 5 she killed off Hayley. Despite the fact that Hayley is the lead female character and she has a 15 year old daughter who needs her mother. Hayley doesn’t deserve to die in the last season of The Originals. The females in this show are only used for the purposes of ships and are killed off as soon as they get their own storyline. The
    Originals season 4 should have been the last. Julie Plec will ruin everything in s5. I won’t watch The Originals s 5 and anything else Julie Plec has her hands on.

  • Alexia

    Plec talk a big game about feminism yet she kill one of the strongest females in their show. Hayley is a great character and she is vital to the show. Hayley deserves to be alive with her daughter,Hayley deserves the best ending with Hope.

  • Isabelle

    Really disappointed by Julie Plec, everything about this final season has been completely ruined by Hayley death spoiler. Julie could continue to make an amazing show but she chose to ruin everything by killing the female lead . Hayley deserves better and Hope too. I never thought that Julie will fall so low, now I understand why TO fans were so worried when Narducci left the show

  • Andre

    Hayley is the backbone of this show.It is not fair to kill her off. Hayley didn’t get the chance to fully know her mother so Hope should be able to get that chance. Hayley fought for years for the safety of her daughter even before Hope was born.Hayley deserves every right and happiness with the child she gave life to. Hayley should be alive

  • adrianna

    Hayley is a strong character that has been through so much. It is so cruel that the writers will even consider to take Hayley away from Hope. Hayley should be alive for her daughters sake. Hayley is definitely by far my favorite character. I will not watch TO and anything else Julie Plec has her hands on if Hayley dies.

  • disqus_00EVzGak64

    The writers swore up and down last season that they are feminist. They killed a ship last season because feminism but in reality the ship was never toxic until that one episode. They have killed so many female characters and killed two leading ladies in one episode back in season 3. Now they are killing the female character who is the reason the show even happened to make a place for Caroline. Julie should be called showruiner.