'The 100' Teases A New Romance Coming For Season 5

'The 100' Teases A New Romance Coming For Season 5

While we have a bit until the return of The 100, the first spoiler has been revealed.

In EW’s Spoiler Room, the site teases that there’s a new romance coming to the upcoming season — however, between which two characters is still a mystery.

EW “hears romantic sparks will fly between one of our main characters and someone aboard the mysterious prison ship.”

And judging by some of the comments, many think it will be between Raven (Lindsey Morgan) and Zeke (Jordan Bolger).

Zeke, according to TVLine, is brimming with brains, wit and bravado, and has a passion for uncovering the secrets of the universe, which led him to join a space mission to a distant solar system. But fate is sending him back to Earth in Season 5, where he’ll find the charred remains of his old world, tribal warfare, shifting alliances and a brutal fight for humanity’s survival.

TELL JJJ: Are you thinking the same? Which other two characters do you think will find romance in season 5?

The 100 will return in April on The CW.

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  • Alex Memnlocke

    Hasn’t Lindsay constantly said that her character was bisexual too, and she wanted a girlfriend as well? And now this awful shows on s5, and still no girlfriend for her.

    PS: why was I notified for this? I haven’t watched since they killed off Lexa, the bastards.

    • Rose

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  • http://fabaa.tumblr.com fabaa

    I really want raven and Murphy to happen