'Descendants' Fans Have Really Good Theories Of Who Could Be Mal's Dad in 'Descendants 3'

'Descendants' Fans Have Really Good Theories Of Who Could Be Mal's Dad in 'Descendants 3'

Since the announcement and debut of the first trailer for Descendants 3, fans all over have been trying to figure out just who Mal’s father could be.

At the end of the teaser that was revealed on Friday, Mal, played by Dove Cameron, comes upon a blue flame deep in the forest — which suggests three big characters who could possibly her father.

Most fans are wanting her dad to be Hades, as in the God of the Underworld, who appeared in Hercules. It’s a possibility, especially with his blue flame hair.

Another suggestion was Chernabog, a demon who was featured in the “Night on Bald Mountain/Ave Maria” segment of Fantasia. Another theory was Smee, from Peter Pan.

The one that JJJ is leaning towards though — is Mor’du, from Brave – and it fits everything. Especially with the “Isle of the Lost” book, which says that Mal’s father is indeed human.

Check below for all the theories from fans about the identity of Mal’s dad:

Click inside now for the best argument for Mor’du being Mal’s father…

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  • Michael R. Brescoll

    we know the father has to have magic on his side, and Smee does not fit that description. some thought Merlin, but what of Merlins protoshey.

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  • Sammiegames

    I think it’s either Chernabog, Hades, or the dude that Maleficent actually fell in love with in her movie, Maleficent. I slightly saw what I thought was Chernabog’s face in the fire, the reason for Hades is obvious enough, and well, she literally falls in love with the last dude, whose name I have no idea of.