Jake Paul & Erika Costell Visit Parkland & Interview Students In New Videos

Jake Paul & Erika Costell Visit Parkland & Interview Students In New Videos

As you know, Jake Paul and Erika Costell announced they were taking a break from vlogging and making videos to focus on something really important.

The two YouTubers took a trip to Parkland, Fla, to visit Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School and meet with students and families of those that were involved in the horrific shooting, and find out how to get more involved.

“I will be forever changed by my experience in Parkland and cannot possibly express the gratitude I have for the wonderful families we met, who took the time to welcome us into their lives and properly educate us about how to most effectively be part of the solution,” Jake wrote. “In my humble and respectful opinion, without a balanced and actionable approach to gun reform, mental health awareness, effective bullying solutions, school safety measures, truly teaching our youth and adults how to be more mindful and empathetic, better communitywide communication and reporting, etc., we simply cannot effectively correct the current course we’re on.

“I vow to be part of the solution and utilize my platform to raise awareness and action across the board, but we cannot focus on one issue, we must actively discuss and make progress on them all,” he added.

Jake has vowed to donate $25,000 to the cause, and part of his money will go to pay for two buses for students to go to the march in Washington, DC, on March 24. He has also chosen not to monetize his video. Erika has pledged to donate all the money she receives from AdSense on the video to two funds that a parent in the video believes in. Watch below.

It’s Time To End School Shootings.

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    Paul has started his “i am not a d-bag tour”

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