Bella Thorne Opens Up About Rising Above Her Haters

Bella Thorne Opens Up About Rising Above Her Haters

Bella Thorne rocks an ultraviolet suit in this new shot from her April 2018 cover story for Shape magazine.

The Famous in Love actress opened up about her workout regimen, getting enough sleep and how she tackles her online haters.

“People tell me not to look at the comments on my Instagram feed, but there are good and bad sides to replying to bullying,” Bella shared. “The downside is that most online bullies are cowards; answering them enables other bullies.”

She continues, “The upside is that people see me speak out and realize they can too.”

Bella‘s always been an open book, and she’s going to remain that way to combat her haters.

“There’s really not much I keep private, but in the past I’ve been a little more guarded about my home life and what I dealt with when I was younger because if you put stuff out there the wrong way, it could hurt someone,” she says. “But I’m ready to be upfront now for justice—for those people who have gone through the same thing.”

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Photos: Ben Watts/SHAPE
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  • Jadyn Price

    I’m curious as to the validity of this article. I have a dyslexic daughter and we looked up to Bella. We met at a meet and greet after she did this promo on Disney discussing her treatment for dyslexia. She said she was treated by the Sylvan learning center and her family was very supportive encouraging her to read everything from cereal boxes to billboards. She said she was reading a grade above average when she was 12 or 13. She used to use social media to keep us all updated on her testing and how well she was doing. I’m just confused…was that a lie then or now?

  • Jadyn Price

    i am confused on why comment was deleted yesterday…I simply want to know which is the truth. Her previous interviews that she was taught to read at Sylvan learning center with the help of her parents that encouraged her to read everything from cereal boxes to billboards or the fact that she didn’t have any help. She did an entire interview on Disney and other outlets saying that her mom supported her with this after her dad died.It is a big deal for my child and I as my kid is also dyslexic and it was a big deal for us. I met her at her book signing and bought all her books because she was a hero to us. If this was a ploy to sell books, I’m really mad about it.

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