The Driver Era Debut 'Preacher Man' Music Video - Watch!

The Driver Era Debut 'Preacher Man' Music Video - Watch!

Ross Lynch blocks out the sun from his eyes at the start of The Driver Era‘s brand new music video for “Preacher Man”.

“It all kinda came really quickly,” Ross admits about the visual with Billboard mag. “When you’re supposed supply a song with visuals, you want it to make sense but you don’t want it ot be on the nose.”

He adds, “It was all kinda like a seamless process of how we got to that final product. It just kinda happened.”

Rocky agrees with his younger bro about how fast it all came together.

“It’s all been happening really fast. Up until this moment, we were kinda at a standstill,” he says. “We were kinda just brainstorming thinking how we wanted to approach The Driver Era, and everything just happened basically yesterday. I’m kinda like caught off guard a little, so I don’t know what to think of it yet, but it seems like people are liking it.”

Check out the video below!

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