Alberto Rosende Teases Jace & Simon's Relationship on 'Shadowhunters'

Alberto Rosende Teases Jace & Simon's Relationship on 'Shadowhunters'

Jace and Simon are working on being on better terms this season, mostly for the sake of Clary.

Alberto Rosende, who plays Simon, recently opened up about the two guys’ relationship in this season of Shadowhunters.

“I think they’re always going to have other things on their mind just in the natural of the worlds that they live in,” he told HollywoodLife. “They both live in the Shadow World, but Jace lives in the world of being a very, very, very advanced Shadowhunter who works really hard, really takes things personally, and really cares about the world. Simon is still very young in the Shadow World, only three, four, five months, maybe. He’s still very much learning his place and how to live in a world where he can’t really get a job, and there are so many things he was taught in the regular world about how to live that he’s relearning.”

“They’re always on different pages, but because of their connection to Clary — Jace does care about her very much — which is also what we saw at the end of the episode. He does want to be that close to her in the way that Simon is. He’s a little jealous of Simon, I think,” he continued. “There is that respect also that I know we will see later on, but it’s definitely the journey of their friendship. How they go from Simon being this mundane who was in the Institute for no reason to this person who actually did give some value to the team and kind of made a place for himself. Now he’s a person who is close to the person that he loves, extremely close, and Jace knows that if he dates her that’s a package deal. But there is that tension, but there’s also that respect there that starts to build. Simon’s only jealousy towards Jace is that Jace is kind of awesome. He is! He’s like a comic book hero for Simon.

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