Klaus Breaks The Rules In New 'Originals' Final Season Clip - Watch Here!

Klaus Breaks The Rules In New 'Originals' Final Season Clip - Watch Here!

Klaus just doesn’t care about that rule to keep away from family in the final season of The Originals.

If you remember, at the end of the fourth season, each of the Mikaelson family have a piece of The Hollow inside them, and they must keep away from each other in order for it not to escape.

However, in this new clip via TVGuide, Klaus (Joseph Morgan) has ignored it completely and visits Elijah (Daniel Gillies)!

The two brothers have a piano-side conversation about family, but it doesn’t seem to dawn on Elijah that there’s more to the story between them…at least not yet.

The Originals premieres THIS WEDNESDAY @ 9PM ET/PT on The CW.

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  • Alice

    Plec thinks she can kill Hope’s mother because she suddenly decided to bring a certain blonde vampire from a deceased show to TO. I won’t continue to watch a show made by people who disrespect the fandom like that. Good luck Julie Plec of pleasing KC bullies who insulted you, the actors and the crew

  • emily

    Julie Plec seems to have a problem with moms, she constantly kills them in her show. She killed off Katie in Containment, Jo in TVD, and now she want to do the same in The Originals. It’s really disgusting. It looks like that Julie Plec think the only mother who deserve to live is
    Caroline. It is disgusting that Julie Plec think it is ok to kill off a mother, to make a place for Caroline.

  • Andre

    Hayley is the backbone of TO.It is not fair to kill her off. Hayley didn’t get the chance to fully know her mother so Hope should be
    able to get that chance. Hayley fought for years for the safety of her
    child even before Hope was born.Hayley deserves every right and
    happiness with the child she gave life to. Hayley should be alive

  • Fernanda

    Hayley is amazing character and great mother. Hayley can’t die. She doesn’t deserve this. Hayley deserves the best ending with Hope. Plec really shouldn’t ruin the The Originals on it’s last season. If Plec kill off Hayley I will boycott this show and I won’t watch anything else Julie Plec has her hands on.