'The 100' Will Highlight What Exactly Octavia Has Going on Underground

'The 100' Will Highlight What Exactly Octavia Has Going on Underground

One of the biggest moments during The 100‘s season 5 premiere were the last ones – where we all saw Octavia, high on her skull throne, watching over her “fighting pits”.

Next week, we’ll get to see exactly what’s going on in the bunker below ground.

EW hints that fans can “expect to see exactly how Octavia ended up in the hot seat” and watch “what might be her most badass, bloodiest scene yet.”

“It was really important to me for that environment, for that fighting pit that we see in [the premiere], to feel believable and to tell a story in the next episode that explains how we got there,” showrunner Jason Rothenberg shared with TVGuide about the bunker and what’s it has turned into.

He adds that how she got to that throne has to do with keeping her WonKru safe.

“We realize ultimately that Octavia needs to find ways to keep her kru, her new people, Wonkru, together. And she kind of forges this clan in her own image, in a sense,” he says.

And yes, when SkaiKru is reunited with Clarke and Madi on the ground, and then they reunite with Octavia, they will all be a little shocked…and horrified.

“It’s fairly remarkable that she was able to keep that, to create that, to forge that steel in the fire of what they lived through down there,” Jason adds. “So ultimately that’s all due to Octavia. And the question for people will be, ‘Do we like her or do we hate her or fear her?’ But I think ultimately, we have to respect that she did it, she made it happen. And they will too.”

The 100 airs Tuesdays @ 9PM ET/PT on The CW.

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