Joseph Morgan Opens Up About Hayley's Death on 'The Originals': 'It Made Him Rather Angry'

Joseph Morgan Opens Up About Hayley's Death on 'The Originals': 'It Made Him Rather Angry'

Hayley’s death on The Originals hit everyone pretty hard, but it’s especially upsetting for Klaus.

Speaking with TV Guide, Joseph Morgan opened up about what’s it’s like to lose her and becoming a single parent now that she’s gone.

“You know, he’d rather grown to like her,” Joseph shared. “I think they, in the beginning, were certainly at odds. They were two people who shared a night together and had a child because of it and would not be in each others’ lives if it weren’t for that child.”

He continues, “They’ve learned to live together to the point where they have become a family — a sort of dysfunctional, strange family, but a family nonetheless, and so losing her was definitely a blow. I think that it’s losing a family member. So yeah, it was very upsetting and made him rather angry, I think.”

As for the future on the series and becoming a single parent to Hope, it’s going to be difficult for him.

“He really feels the weight and responsibility of being the only parent,” Joseph adds. “That’s tremendously difficult for him to deal with. I feel like Hayley’s always been a much better parent than him, and she spent the time — she’s spent the last seven years, while he’s been away, with Hope.”

“For him to come back after such a long absence and then to be thrown into this situation where, ‘Hey it’s just you now with your daughter,’ it’s a very steep learning curve for him. So that’s tremendously upsetting.”

The Originals airs Wednesdays on The CW.

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  • disqus_s7UbhcpT5N

    Hayley is the female lead on TO. Hayley is a fighter, a legend, she deserves better than what Plec have planned for her. Julie Plec want to kill her off, take away a mother from Hope ,and replaced her by Caroline. It is really disgusting, I didn’t think that Julie Plec would fall so low

  • Christelle Perez

    Hayley is the best character in the originals and she has a such beautiful, singular and genuine heart and spent all those years helping to build every little piece of the show with her narrative, she’s so important! So it was very unfair to be ruthlessly pulled of the show and Hayley has gone through many horrors, pain, cruelties, atrocities, and always in search of love, happiness and family for years and years and she deserved with all strength a happy ending with Hope, a worthy outcome.

  • Fernanda

    Hayley is an amazing character and a great mother. Hayley shouldn’t die. Hayley doesn’t deserve this. Hayley deserves the best ending with Hope. Plec really shouldn’t ruin the The Originals on it’s last season. Since Julie Plec kill off Hayley I will boycott The Originals and I won’t
    watch anything else Julie Plec has her hands on.

  • Sabrina Robertson

    Hayley is my favorite character in the show, she’s badass and amazing! She’s Hopes mother it is completely wrong to take her away after all that has happened to Hope.

  • disqus_00EVzGak64

    Hayley is a big part of TO. She has grown into a much better person because of Hope. Hayley didn’t get the chance to fully know her mother so Hope should be able to get that chance . Hope only 15 that is very young to lose her mother. Hayley fought for years for the safety of her child even before Hope was born. Hayley deserves every right and happiness with the child she gave life to.

  • ellen

    Julie Plec call herself feminist but she have killed off 2/3 lead females roles so far. In s 5 she killed off Hayley. Despite the fact that Hayley is the lead female character and she has a 15 year old daughter who needs her mother. Hayley doesn’t deserve to die in the last season of The Originals. The females in this show are only used for the purposes of ships and are killed off as soon as they get their own storyline. The Originals season 4 should have been the last. Plec will ruin everything in s5. I won’t watch The Originals season 5 and anything else Julie Plec has her hands on.

  • disqus_dbHsJpWWds

    Hayley Marshall should be alive for her daughters sake.She is a strong character that has been through so much. All in the name of family. It is so cruel that the writers took Hayley away from Hope.To be completely honest Hayley is definitely by far my favorite character. I will not watch TO since they killed off Hayley .