Grace VanderWaal Shares Her First Cover In Months - Watch Now!

Grace VanderWaal Shares Her First Cover In Months - Watch Now!

It’s been almost a year since Grace VanderWaal uploaded an actual cover video on her YouTube page.

The 14-year-old “City Song” singer and former AGT champion just released a brand new video today (October 3), covering Cyn‘s “I’ll Still Have Me”.

The past year has been packed for Grace with touring with Imagine Dragons – and now, she’s about to go film Stargirl. But don’t fret, she still has music plans!

“I’ve made songs and I want to release one or two singles while I’m filming Stargirl,” Grace told Billboard in a recent interview. “Then after Stargirl, I want to release the main single leading into an EP or short album. That’s my plan right now.”

She adds, “I have it all strategically planned. I want to make that big single right after Stargirl, and that’ll be the main song on the album. I’m still finishing the short album.”

Check out Grace‘s cover below!

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  • Tim Lumsden

    A few thoughts… First, that it’s even of interest, or noteworthy that a new, very young artist is doing a cover, is astonishing to me. A clear indication that this “girl”, this “barely teen”, is a force of nature in the music world. In our age of lipsyncing, auto-tuning, canned, over-produced, over-sexed, over-hyped “artists”, it is so refreshing that Grace is on the scene now. Her original songs and original, honest, raw style won the day on AGT and is winning over many more fans. And she applies that same, honest, fresh, and raw approach to her covers. The heart and soul and emotion she puts into her music is simply incredible, at her age. Well done, Grace!

  • TruthorBeauty

    Simon Cowell said that Grace is the next Taylor Swift. I take exception to trying to describe the future or even the present with the music industry past. Both Grace and Taylor are female singers but even if Grace doesn’t write one more song she will have left her mark on the industry. There are legions of fans that have left the comment that they hope she doesn’t change and grow up. Well she is growing up right before our eyes. I have gone from one of those fans who hoped that she would maintain her innocence and naivete and praying that as a child prodigy she doesn’t self destruct or burnout to one who anxiously waits with great anticipation for her next song or film. I spend a great deal of time scouring the internet for her performances and for someone who has only been in the music business for 2 years, there is a large and growing catalogue of songs. If you listen carefully to the lyrics of her songs, you will realize that she is dealing internally with some demons – self doubt, depression, male rejection, a loved ones drug addiction. The songs are not what I would expect to be written by a 14 year old.but they are brutally honest and brave. She has an excellent sense of who she is, where she is, what she wants to accomplish and where she wants to go. Whether she realizes it or not she is an inspiration by not having the fear of trying (that’s the only thing I worry about her losing). I haven’t been to a concert in awhile but look forward to some day scoring tickets to one of hers.