Ariana Greenblatt Says Her Quickstep Was The Hardest Dance to Learn Yet in Her DWTS Blog (Exclusive)

Ariana Greenblatt Says Her Quickstep Was The Hardest Dance to Learn Yet in Her DWTS Blog (Exclusive)

We don’t know about you, but Ariana Greenblatt‘s quickstep last night on Dancing With the Stars Juniors was our favorite performance of hers ever!

The 11-year-old actress and partner Artyon Celestine traveled back in time to the 1940s for their performance, which earned them 27 points.

Check out her exclusive behind-the-scenes blog below!

It’s Week 7 and we’re jumping in the “Time Machine” taking it back to the glamorous era of the 1940’s! Except I had no idea what the 1940’s were like so thank God for google and youtube to give me a crash course…lol. For whatever reason, I thought of Broadway, the stage and lights of New York City, Times Square and my Pop Pop and Goo Goo, my grandparents. My Pop Pop is not only a multiple Tony award winning Broadway producer but also the most supportive person on the planet. The cast and crew got to know my Pop Pop very well because he never missed a performance and would fly in every single week from South Florida to root me on. It was so special for me to always look over and see my grandparents cheering and clapping. So for all those reasons I wanted to dedicate this performance to them. xoxo

The quickstep was the hardest dance by far for me to learn. First off you have to move your feet so fast and keep in perfect sync with your partner so Artyon and I spent a lot of time just learning the steps slowly. Once we felt we had a piece of it we would try it in real time but oh boy were we all over the place at first! Brandon was very tough but that’s what makes us a great team, we push ourselves. To make it that much more difficult, I knew I would be wearing a long heavy gown so I had to work through that and make sure I didn’t get tripped up in it. So during rehearsals I would practice with a long light skirt just to get a feel. With only five teams left, the pressure was something really noticeable because everyone at this point is just so darn good and more is expected from the judges. The form and performance had to be on point and, don’t forget, we also have to learn and perform opening numbers as well so Arty and I would never miss a single minute of rehearsal time. Less applesauce breaks more rehearsal time. “Let’s go!” Brandon would yell, lol.

Although we didn’t get a “10” this week, shout out to Miles who was long overdue for a “10”. He’s such an amazing dancer. We were satisfied with trip 9’s again for the second week in a row and made it to the semi-finals!

Fun Fact: I’m a huge Audrey Hepburn fan. My favorite movie of hers is Breakfast at Tiffany’s and I was thinking of her a lot putting this character together for my glam 1940’s quickstep. So to quote her, “Nothing is Impossible. The word itself says I’m Possible”!

Click inside for behind-the-scenes pics from Ariana!

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