Miley Cyrus Talks About the Decision to Marry Liam Hemsworth

Miley Cyrus Talks About the Decision to Marry Liam Hemsworth

Miley Cyrus is on the cover of Vanity Fair‘s March 2019 issue and we’re absolutely loving her amazing look.

The 26-year-old entertainer spoke about marrying her new hubby Liam Hemsworth, the Malibu fire that destroyed her home, and more. Here’s what she shared…

On her impact on youth culture: “Almost like the milestones in my life were milestones for America. It almost felt like America was a weird godparent, you know? I was so influential in kids’ lives that I was like America’s nanny. Like, ‘Just sit your kids in front of me and I’ll teach them how to be a good person.’ Which maybe backfired on the American godparent.”

On why she decided to get married to Liam: “The reason that people get married sometimes can be old-fashioned, but I think the reason we got married isn’t old-fashioned—I actually think it’s kind of New Age. We’re redefining, to be f*cking frank, what it looks like for someone that’s a queer person like myself to be in a hetero relationship. A big part of my pride and my identity is being a queer person. What I preach is: People fall in love with people, not gender, not looks, not whatever. What I’m in love with exists on almost a spiritual level. It has nothing to do with sexuality. Relationships and partnerships in a new generation—I don’t think they have so much to do with sexuality or gender. Sex is actually a small part, and gender is a very small, almost irrelevant part of relationships.”

On the evening her Malibu home was destroyed by fires: “I got the journal that was next to me and just started writing out what I was feeling. Some of the feelings did not add up with the others. Some of them were super-angry; some of them were relieved in a way, which feels really f*cking weird. It feels like there were weights tied to my ankles and I was in the ocean, and someone just cut those ties, and I was able to float and be free ’cause I didn’t have all this sh*t attached to me. Anger, relief, sadness. A feeling of: I’m never going to get over it, this is never going to end. But, we heal up and our brain gets used to imagining a worst-case scenario happening over and over again. I’ll never be happy that all those memories and pictures and things that I’ve loved are gone. But to have an experience like this—I find myself feeling more connected to being human again.”

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Credit: Vanity Fair/Ryan McGinley
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  • Rhoda S Cormier

    Honestly- other then the whole marriage can still stand for some old fashioned things and be a beautiful thing she has no idea what she’s talking about…Believe it or not gender is a big thing and honestly liked her alot better before she got all pot smoking/dropping clothes to get sales/going to say whatever’s cool at the moment to maintain some sort of relevance. The fact that she thinks she still knows spiritual things is a laugh and liam hemsworth could do a heck of alot better. She barely has any real talent and instead has tried to be like a Madonna way too early in life…I hope she matures soon and works on actually making some talent rather then just smoking pot and dropping her clothes. Though considering the vogue cover she did with her dad and less then stellar role models they are shouldn’t be surprised…

  • Rhoda S Cormier

    Though now that I think of it for someone who uses the word “old fashioned” yet is anything but nowadays have to say is kindav ironic…