Lilimar Reflects on Being a 'Child Star' in Heartfelt Message to Fans

Lilimar Reflects on Being a 'Child Star' in Heartfelt Message to Fans

Lilimar is getting candid with fans about the ups and downs of growing up as a “child star.”

The Knight Squad actress took to Instagram on Saturday (September 7) to reflect.

“I’ve separated this post into two parts, check the comment section for the 2nd portion 🔮💜,” Liimar captioned a photo of herself with butterfly designs on her face. “I was really stuck on what I wanted to write about for this #stargazersaturday. That is until the biebs decided capture my attention (& a bit of my heart) with his heartfelt post about what it truly meant to be on top of the world with fame, money, & pretty much about anything he desired before even turning 18.”

“Strangely, his words really hit home for me… Not because I happen to know what it’s like to live with the toxic luxuries of a young popstar, because undeniably, I don’t know s–t about it… but because I was ‘child star’ too,” she continued. “Most of my friends as well. We’ve all now reached the glorious stage of ’18+’ where we move on from our child shows, where our eyes, once dimmed, now shine bright with excitement & curiosity over the ‘next step’ in our careers. Although, what no one really tells you once you’ve built your ‘child star’ reputation, is that your transition may not go as smoothly as you want it to.”

“While you’re in limbo between your last job & your ‘next big role,’ what ever will you do to stay relevant?” she added. “Will you follow the obnoxious trends influencers do to keep your followers? Or will you stay off the grid until your next project to keep your pride? What most bothers me is the expectations people have of child stars once they grow up. It’s like they’re expecting you to have some sort of drug scandal, or major attitude problem, & any mistake you happen to make will, of course, be fully expected as ‘what else can you expect from a troubled child star?’”

“If you didn’t know… young artists are human too,” Lilimar wrote. “They go through the same ups & downs, identity crises, & teen angst that you do except we do it in the public eye. Some (like I have) have been lucky enough to have loving, supporting parents/guardians to guide us through our jobs & the non-stop lifestyle we chose. Some don’t get that luxury & are handling a chaotic industry all on their own. Please be patient with them. Please be supportive & know that they’re trying their absolute best during tough times.”

Read the rest of Lilimar‘s message here.

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