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Mom & Daughter Duo The Belles Share 10 Fun Facts Ahead of New Single

Mom & Daughter Duo The Belles Share 10 Fun Facts Ahead of New Single

If you’ve been to one of JoJo Siwa‘s concerts this summer on her D.R.E.A.M. Tour, you most likely have fallen in love with her tour openers, The Belles!

Made up of Kelli and her mom Jaymie, the two opened up with JJJ about hitting the road with JoJo.

“It’s awesome to be on tour with JoJo because she’s so high energy and makes everything fun,” Kelli says. “I used to take dance from her mom, Jessalyn, back in Omaha when I was little, so we’re all like a big family who’s known each other forever!”

Jaymie added, “The beautiful thing about being on tour with JoJo is to see all the kids in the audience so happy! I love to watch the moms and daughters while we’re performing on stage – we all share the same bond!”

“One song in particular we play during our set, ‘Beautiful Girl’, talks about being strong in who you are, believing you are beautiful just the way you are, and I love sharing that message with not only the young girls in the audience, but also moms like me.”

Kelli also shared their fave thing to do together while on the road: “I love when we all go out to dinner together after a show, or when we go on adventures in different cities during the day. We went to the Space Needle in Seattle, scootered on the pier in San Diego, visited the arch in St. Louis, and toured the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland. This is tour is really a D.R.E.A.M come true!”

The Belles will be dropping their new single, “Beautiful Girl” this week!

Check out 10 Fun Facts below!

  • We have 2 corgis at home, Bella and Luna. They are sisters and they are adorable!
  • Kelli’s first time seeing the ocean was when we flew to Los Angeles to audition for Nickelodeon and AEG to be JoJo Siwa’s opening act on the D.R.E.A.M Tour!
  • Pre show ritual: every night before we walk on stage we shake pinkies for good luck!
  • Kelli and Jaymie are from Omaha Nebraska, just like JoJo Siwa. They’ve known each other since JoJo was 2 and Kelli was 6. Kelli even took dance at Jessalyn Siwa’s dance studio called “Dance Unlimited.”
  • Kelli graduated from high school at 16, and moved to Nashville at 18 to be a songwriter. She travels between Omaha and Nashville, and just graduated from the University of Nebraska at age 20.

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Get To Know Netflix Star Talia Jackson With 10 Fun Facts!

Get To Know Netflix Star Talia Jackson With 10 Fun Facts!

Netflix’s Family Reunion is making its’ debut next week on the streaming service and we have all the facts on star Talia Jackson!

The 18-year-old actress plays Jade in the series, opposite Tia Mowry-Hardrict and Loretta Devine.

“It was a dream come true to play Jade in Netflix’s Family Reunion for so many reasons,” Talia tells JJJ of her role. “Not only do I relate to this character in so many ways, but I have the best tv family I could have asked for and the most supportive, creative environment from our whole crew behind the scenes.”

Check out 10 Fun Facts about Talia below!

  • I haven’t had red meat in over 5 years.
  • My mom is Lithuanian and my dad is African American
  • I’m a huge Sims enthusiast
  • My favorite series right now is Chilling Adventures of Sabrina
  • I used to own a horse and I’m looking for another one
  • I’ve always dreamed of becoming a marine biologist and I’m looking at programs to work with dolphins and large marine mammals.
  • I grew up in Wisconsin until I was 7 then moved to LA
  • I have a slight obsession with cars
  • I used to own a bearded dragon
  • It took me 10 years of auditioning to book a role for TV.
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'All That' Star Ryan Alessi Reveals How It Really Feels To Join The Nickelodeon Reboot

'All That' Star Ryan Alessi Reveals How It Really Feels To Join The Nickelodeon Reboot

Nickelodeon’s All That reboot debuted this past weekend on the network and we just got to chat with star Ryan Alessi!

“It is a surreal experience working on the all new All That,” the young actor and comedian told JJJ. “Because so many talented actors began their careers on the show.”

Ryan added that it’s “been a pleasure working with the new cast, and I hope the audience enjoys the new version as much as they did the first time it aired.”

All That will continue to air on Saturdays on Nickelodeon.

Check out 10 Fun Facts about Ryan below!

  • Other than acting, my dream is to be a fashion designer.
  • I have a Greyhound named Rudy, and I am a Junior Handler at AKC shows.
  • I hate bananas, but my mom forces me to eat one every day.
  • My first concert was Joan Jett and Styx. I sold raffle tickets during the show to benefit the Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation.
  • My nickname is Ry Guy.
  • A few years ago, I auditioned for a part in my school play, but I didn’t get it.
  • My astrological sign is Pisces.
  • I enjoy learning about history and presidential trivia.
  • My best friend is [All That co-star] Chinguun Sergelen, and he is teaching me how to speak Mongolian.
  • My pet peeve is when people eat all the icing off of a cupcake before they eat it.
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Greg Marks Dishes 10 Fun Facts Ahead of His Debut Single!

Greg Marks Dishes 10 Fun Facts Ahead of His Debut Single!

Meet musician and producer Greg Marks!

The 17-year-old entertainer, who considers Carson Lueders and Sofie Dossi some of his close friends, just spilled 10 Fun Facts that his fans may not know about him!

Greg dished on his first song, first concert, his musical talents and more! Check it:

1. I had my first performance when I was nine years old.
2. I’ve always liked music more than acting
3. I wrote my first song when I was nine
4. I started boxing when I was eleven
5. I’m able to compare certain sounds or songs to color
6. The first concert I ever went to was Justin Bieber’s Believe tour
7. I write the best songs when I’m alone
8. I sang and played guitar for my entire class in third grade
9. I’m the best out of my friends at Fornite
10. I write and produce my music

Greg‘s new song “Real Life” is dropping on June 1st.

Get To Know 'Curfew' Singer Angelic With These 10 Fun Facts!

Get To Know 'Curfew' Singer Angelic With These 10 Fun Facts!

Angelic is the singer you’re going to be obsessed with!

Just 14-years-old, the singer just dropped her newest song, “Curfew” and it’s so addicting!

“‘Curfew’ is a song about growing up and wanting to be independent, but still having to respect your parents and their rules,” she shared about the track.

“I think it’s a song everyone can relate to, we’ve all had to deal with curfews of some type in our lives.”

Check out the video, plus 10 Fun Facts about Angelic below!

  • I was named after Angelina Jolie
  • I can’t go a day without listening to music
  • I absolutely LOVE to draw
  • I have naturally curly hair
  • I am Latín, and both my parents are from Venezuela
  • I’m 4’11
  • I cut my dog Spike’s hair ( and he looks amazing! )
  • I’ve been singing for as long as I can remember
  • My first theatre experience was seeing Carol King’s Beautiful at the Pantages. It was sooo inspiring !
  • My current favorite food is a Nutella Soufflé !!!
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