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R5's Ellington Ratliff Reveals The One Musician He Really Wants To Play With

R5's Ellington Ratliff Reveals The One Musician He Really Wants To Play With

R5Ellington Ratliff is our favoritest drummer ever and for really good reason.

The 24-year-old musician will be heading back out on tour in Europe on the New Additions tour with his band — girlfriend Rydel Lynch, and her bros Rocky, Riker and Ross Lynch.

But before he leaves, JJJ caught up with him to get to know him even better and found out 10 Fun Facts about Ellington.

Check them all out below!

  • I was named after the Famous Jazz musician Duke Ellington
  • I play drums in the band R5
  • When I was thirteen I did the workshop and LA company of 13 a musical by Jason Robert Brown (famous composer in the theater world) and later Ariana Grande did the same show on Broadway
  • The biggest show I/R5 ever played was in front of 8,000 people in Argentina. It was insane. Ross (lead singer) fell into the crowd on the first song
  • I’m writing this list from Mexico and soon we’ll be coming to Europe and South America so come to a show if you’re around!

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Get To Know 'Dance Moms' Clara Lukasiak With 10 Fun Facts (Exclusive)

Get To Know 'Dance Moms' Clara Lukasiak With 10 Fun Facts (Exclusive)

Who’s ready for an all-new Dance Moms tonight on Lifetime?! We know we are!

If you missed it last week, you might’ve not seen Chloe Lukasiak‘s younger sister, Clara, make her Dance Moms debut — a real debut.

“I’m excited to be back on Dance Moms since I will actually be able to remember it this time!” Clara told us.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics from Dance Moms

JJJ caught up with Clara right after and to get to know her even better, discovered 10 Fun Facts. Check them out below!

  • I have a pink blanket named Plinky (it used to be my sister’s but she gave it to me when I was born)
  • I live in a town called Mars and there’s an alien and a spaceship in the town square
  • I take ice skating lessons
  • I love school and reading
  • I’m the biggest Pittsburgh Penguins fan (I even kissed the Stanley cup!)
  • Dance Moms started when I was one. I’ve grown up in it but never have watched it
  • I know all the lyrics to all the songs on the radio
  • I was named after the girl in The Nutcracker
  • Ballet is my favorite type of dance
  • My favorite color is blue

Dance Moms airs TONIGHT @ 9PM on Lifetime.

Nathaniel Potvin Hypes Up 'MECH-X4' Season 2 (Exclusive)

Nathaniel Potvin Hypes Up 'MECH-X4' Season 2 (Exclusive)

We’re still insanely excited that MECH-X4 is coming back in September!

JJJ caught up with star Nathaniel Potvin about the big announcement and it’s safe to say that he’s just as excited as we are.

“Season 2 of MECH-X4 is even bigger than Season 1! It’s got even more action and excitement!” he told us.

Nate adds, “You will see Ryan and the guys pushed to their limits and beyond. There are some unexpected plot twist and new monsters and characters. It’s legit crazy!”

During our chat, Nate also revealed 10 Fun Facts about himself that we definitely didn’t know. Check them out below!

  • I like to ski
  • I played the clarinet in middle school band
  • My favorite food is Ice Cream
  • I’ve had stitches 3 times…on my face
  • I have two older brothers
  • I love photography and take pictures all the time
  • I ate a sea urchin and I liked it
  • I can one hand clap with both hands
  • I’m a sneaker jockey
  • My first kiss was on stage when I was 11 yrs old
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Skyward Story Unveil 10 Fun Facts About The Band That You Never Knew (Exclusive)

Skyward Story Unveil 10 Fun Facts About The Band That You Never Knew (Exclusive)

Skyward Story might just be the hottest band you’ve never heard of — and we’ve got 10 Fun Facts to help you to get to know them fast.

Made up of drummer Brandon Millman, guitarist Scott Montgomery and vocalist Aaron O’Connor, the band was formerly known as 3PM and actually just released a brand new single called “Hey!”

Skyward Story will also be going on tour as Kenny Holland‘s opening act for five of his east coast dates. Check out the full line-up here!

Check out all of the 10 Fun Facts below:

  • The band first started when Brandon was 19 and Scott was only 13 years old
  • Aaron was on pace to becoming a nurse before joining the band
  • Brandon is a licensed personal trainer
  • Brandon is also the band personal trainer, as we all work out together year-round
  • Scott got the highest possible scores in all-county/all-state jazz competitions throughout high school
  • Aaron knows a lot more about video games than the average person
  • Brandon has a twin brother
  • Our favorite thing to do after playing music is cooking/eating a lot of homemade food
  • On top of that, Scott is an expert smoothie maker and wants to open a smoothie store later in life
  • When not on tour, we like to play a game called Rocket League which is basically soccer with cars. Trust us, it’s incredibly fun

Tallia Storm Reveals 10 Fun Facts About Her New Book (Exclusive)

Tallia Storm Reveals 10 Fun Facts About Her New Book (Exclusive)

Fun fact about Tallia Storm that you probably don’t know — on top of being an amazing singer, she’s also an author!

She actually just dropped her second novel, Pop Girl: Signed With A Kiss, and the JJJ Book Club is obsessed with it.

We’ll actually be hosting a really cool giveaway with Tallia this week too, so stay tuned!

Here’s the summary:

After an I-still-can’t-believe-it brush with fame, teen singing sensation Storm Hall is determined to keep her star on the rise. She records a demo, and soon her all-time favourite label wants to sign her. And is mega-hottie rock god Jase Mahone flirting with her?

A hotel suite in London, fancy cars, parties – Storm’s finally living the dream! But life as a pop star means letting go of her old life, even the people she loves most. Is this really the dream she wants?

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Singer Natalie Alexander Drops New EP & Single 'Cruel' - Get The Exclusive Deets!

Singer Natalie Alexander Drops New EP & Single 'Cruel' - Get The Exclusive Deets!

Natalie Alexander is about to be the only artist on your playlist in two seconds flat.

The up and coming singer just dropped her new EP and JJJ is obsessed with it, especially lead single “Cruel”.

“‘Cruel’ is a song I was really excited to record because it has a message I know a lot of people can relate to and that’s extremely important to me as an artist,” Natalie told JJJ.

She adds, “I hope people belt it at the top of their lungs while driving down the freeway, like I do.”

As for her EP, Natalie has three more songs there that you will definitely love.

“There’s a song on my EP for every kind of 2017 country fan,” she promises.

Check out her EP below now!

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PRETTYMUCH's Zion Kuwonu Used His Singing Skills To Impress Girls (Exclusive)

PRETTYMUCH's Zion Kuwonu Used His Singing Skills To Impress Girls (Exclusive)

Zion Kuwonu is going to break a lot of PRETTYMUCH fans hearts, we can already tell.

The 18-year-old singer was once embarrassed about his singing skills — until he learned he could use them to impress the ladies.

“I didn’t want to sing in front of anyone,” the Ottawa, Canada native says. “I was embarrassed about being a guy who could sing. Then I moved and these two rappers asked me if I could sing and to send them a video.”

Of course, they sent it to everyone in school.

“All the girls were impressed, and I thought: ‘Maybe I could do something with this!’”

Learn 10 Fun Facts about Zion below!

  • I like to think I’m a pretty funny kid
  • I get dressed and ready the fastest of the group
  • I used to play a lot of hockey when I was younger
  • Skateboarding is one of my favorite hobbies
  • I’m always down to go, have a good time and be the life of a party. I just like being social and being around people
  • My family moved to China
  • I LOVE cereal
  • I’m the only one in the group not from the U.S. I’m originally from Canada
  • I love boating and being on the water
  • I like doing parkour and can do a lot of different moves

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'Raven's Home' Star Sky Katz Shares 10 Fun Facts With JJJ!

'Raven's Home' Star Sky Katz Shares 10 Fun Facts With JJJ!

Get to know up-and-coming actress Sky Katz!

She stars on the new Disney Channel series Raven’s Home as Tess, neighbor to best friends Raven (Raven Symone) and Chelsea (Anneliese van der Pol), and their children – Raven’s 11-year-old twins Booker (Issac Ryan Brown) and Nia (Navia Robinson), and Chelsea’s 9-year-old son Levi (Jason Maybaum).

“Being a part of Raven’s Home is so much fun and a whole new journey for me,” Sky told us. “Each cast member is so different, that we balance each other out. They’re my family!”

Raven’s Home premieres July 21 on Disney Channel.

Here are 10 fun facts Sky told us about herself:

1. I love rapping! I was a contestant on season 11 of America’s Got Talent, where I performed my original rap “Fresh.”
2. I’m originally from New York but now live in L.A.
3. I’m a Nicki Minaj super fan.
4. I love to bake cookies and cakes and decorate them using bright food coloring.
5. I could play basketball for hours! Earlier this year I got to play 1v1 with pro Brandon Jennings.
6. I have 2 dogs named Annie and Jose.
7. My birthday is December 12 and zodiac sign is Sagittarius.
8. I’m the youngest of four siblings.
9. I’m a huge sneakerhead! I have a large collection of Jordan’s.
10. I’ve performed at Madison Square Garden.