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EXCLUSIVE: 'Fresh Off the Boat' Newbie Marlowe Peyton Shares 10 Fun Facts With JJJ!

EXCLUSIVE: 'Fresh Off the Boat' Newbie Marlowe Peyton Shares 10 Fun Facts With JJJ!

Get to know the super talented up-and-comer Marlowe Peyton!

The young actress is set to star as Reba in the next episode of Fresh Off the Boat, which airs TONIGHT, April 18 @ 8:30PM on ABC.

“As soon as I read the audition script for Fresh Off The Boat, I fell in love with Reba and all of her quirkiness,” Marlowe told us. “I’m so grateful to play her! Every time they write something new for her character she just becomes more and more interesting.”

She added, “The writers, directors, cast and crew of the show are all just incredible, and I’d like to say, a special thanks to Rich Blomquist for creating the character of Reba! I can’t wait for all of you to see her in the newest episode.

Check out 10 fun facts Marlowe shared with JJJ:

1. I love memes so much that if doctors dissected my soul (if that’s possible) then it would be infused with the dankest of memes and the doctors would be like “What the heck is m8″?

2. My favorite things to do in my spare time are, illustrate, animate, 3D model, and write and produce songs.

3. I. LOVE OVERWATCH! It’s my favorite video game. I main Tracer, and love to play it with my friends and family. I’m around 14,400 XP away from reaching level 155!

4. Cosplaying is awesome! I’ve cosplayed as Temmie from Undertale and Mei from Overwatch. Can’t wait to cosplay again at some upcoming expos later this year.

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Savannah Outen Dedicates Her New Song 'Coins' To Her Fans

Savannah Outen Dedicates Her New Song 'Coins' To Her Fans

Savannah Outen is making a major comeback with her new single, “Coins”.

JJJ chatted with the multi-talented singer about her track and the inspiration behind it.

“I wanted to write an anthem for my supporters,” she revealed. “‘Coins’ is about embracing your flaws and owning who you truly are.”

Savannah adds, “I have had so many people in the industry tell me I need to be different, sing sexier songs, or dye my hair in order to make it. But it’s SO important to stay true to yourself and do what makes you happy.”

So true!

Want to know more about Savannah? Check out out 10 Fun Facts about her below!

  • 1) I think dipping sauces are the greatest invention.
  • 2) I’m the biggest Bachelor/Bachelorette fan
  • 3) My life revolves around coffee
  • 4) I always say ‘Eeeek’ when something’s uncomfortable
  • 5) I hate flip flops
  • 6) I threw Justin Timberlake birthday parties from 1st grade – 7th grade
  • 7) I always bring veggie sticks to the studio
  • 8) My mama was going to name me River if I were a boy
  • 9) Cracker Barrel is my favorite restaurant
  • 10) There is never a time I’m not listening to music

Savannah Outen – Coins (Lyric Video)
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EXCLUSIVE: Singer Jordi Whitworth Tells JJJ 10 Fun Facts About Himself!

EXCLUSIVE: Singer Jordi Whitworth Tells JJJ 10 Fun Facts About Himself!

Trust us when we say you want to get to know upcoming talent Jordi Whitworth!

The 22-year-old British musician and model – who was previously in the X Factor group Overload – is set to begin the next chapter in his career as a solo artist.

“I am currently working on the second series of the new reality TV show, Stage School on E4 in the UK,” Jordi told JJJ. “When I’m not filming, I am in the studio working on some new content with some new and old covers plus completing my solo EP.”

“After having some issues with one of my tracks it took a little longer than expected to get everything out there for the fans to hear, but it’s going to be something that’s worth that wait and something we will all be happy with,” he added. “Apart from the music and acting, I have been focusing on expanding my modeling by partnering with some great brands and photographers in London and LA. I look forward to being back in the US next month and sharing everything I have been working on. I appreciate all of my fans have that have been on this journey with me, you mean the world to me.”

Check out 10 fun facts Jordi shared wit us:

1. Before I started pursuing music and modeling, I use to race motocross at a high level all over the United Kingdom.

2. I actually never considered music as a career before I was scouted for the boy band Overload. But once I started singing more, I couldn’t imagine myself doing anything else with my life.

3. At lot of my fans know me from my time on X-Factor UK with my band Overload Generation. One of my favorite moments from the show was when Cheryl Cole called me a stud muffin. It took me a little while before I realized she was even talking about me.

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You Will Absolutely Fall In Love With ‘This Is Us’ Star Lonnie Chavis

You Will Absolutely Fall In Love With ‘This Is Us’ Star Lonnie Chavis

If you haven’t been watching NBC’s This Is Us, why not?!

Cutie Lonnie Chavis stars on the show as the young Randall on the hit show that’s making headlines almost every day.

JJJ recently caught up with Lonnie and he could not contain his excitement about season two.

“I really enjoy being part of the ‘This Is Us’ family, we have some really great writers and I’m looking forward to them surprising us,” he tells us.

Check out 10 Fun Facts about Lonnie below!

  • 1. I love to dance! My favorite song to dance to right now is “Lit Right Now” by Ayo & Teo
  • 2. I can burp on command.
  • 3. I want to learn to play the drums and guitar.
  • 4. I can beat box.
  • 5. I love fashion! Zara is one of my favorite stores to shop because it’s super trendy and they have everything!
  • 6. I’m trying to quit biting my fingernails.
  • 7. Favorite food is any kind of spicy noodle.
  • 8. I have an extreme amount of energy all the time.
  • 9. I love reading. Right now I’m reading Diary of a Wimpy Kid Movie Diary by Jeff Kinney.
  • 10. I love acting because I get to tell a character’s story.

Discovered: DJ Audien Dishes on Brand New Song 'One More Weekend' With MAX

Discovered: DJ Audien Dishes on Brand New Song 'One More Weekend' With MAX

MAX just dropped a song with DJ producer Audien and it’s so amazing!!!

Both of the musicians spoke to JJJ about their “One More Weekend” collaboration and the track is going to be your jam.

“So insanely excited that this song is finally out. It’s meant a lot to Nate and I for a while now,” Max shares.

Audien adds, “If you’ve ever had someone come into your life from out of nowhere, and become instantly obsessed with them … this jam is for you.”

Learn more about Audien with our 10 Fun Facts below!

  • 1. I love animals: I have a pet iguana named Buddha, a parakeet named Melody, and a Yorkiepoo named Zak.
  • 2. I used to work as a grocery store bagger in my hometown of Mystic, CT
  • 3. I recently bought my first house in Los Angeles
  • 5. I only own black clothing
  • 6. I produce all my music using Bose earbuds and a MacBook pro
  • 7. I have 4 tattoos on my right arm including a Coyote, my logo, and a quarter note.
  • 8. My favorite TV show is Ghost Adventures
  • 9. My girlfriend is also my hairdresser
  • 10. My favorite city to DJ in is San Francisco

Check out MAX and Audien’s collab on “One More Weekend” inside now! More Here! »

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EXCLUSIVE: Young Author Natasha Bure Shares 10 Fun Facts With JJJ!

EXCLUSIVE: Young Author Natasha Bure Shares 10 Fun Facts With JJJ!

Get to know Natasha Bure a little better!

The 18-year-old author and singer (and daughter of Candace Cameron-Bure) just released her debut book “Let’s Be Real,” which covers topics teens face daily, including acne, friends, relationships, body confidence, and self-image.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Natasha Bure

“Whether it’s boyfriends, faith, stress, body image, or having fun, my view is to simply be honest, simply be real, no matter what we face, including life’s roadblocks,” Natasha said about the book.

Check out 10 fun facts Natasha shared with us:

1. Music and singing is my first love.

2. One time I cut 10 inches of my hair off without telling my parents I was going to.

3. Sushi is my favorite food. I eat it at least 3 times a week.

4. When I’m listening to songs in the car, I have to belt them as loud as I can and dance. No exceptions.

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EXCLUSIVE: The Quad's Jake Allyn Had to Audition 7 Times, & More Fun Facts!

EXCLUSIVE: The Quad's Jake Allyn Had to Audition 7 Times, & More Fun Facts!

Get to know Jake Allyn a little better with these 10 fun facts!

He stars as BoJohn Folsom, the quaterback on BET’s The Quad, which follows students and administrators at Georgia A&M, a fictitious HBCU (Historically Black College or University).

The season finale is set to air Wednesday, March 29 so be sure to tune in!

Check out 10 facts Jake shared with us:

1. I am also a screenwriter. I wrote two films in 2016, Ex-Patriot is a CIA thriller set in Colombia and Forsaken is a modern adaptation of Shakespeare’s Macbeth set in a small town in modern day Oklahoma.

2. I had to audition for my series regular role on BET’s The Quad seven different times! I even had to show the BET executives I could throw the football in an alley behind BET headquarters.

3. I played football through college. I was a receiver for Cornell University.

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'School of Rock' Actor Lance Lim Stars In New 'American Girl Story' Movie!

'School of Rock' Actor Lance Lim Stars In New 'American Girl Story' Movie!

If you’ve ever watched School of Rock on Nickelodeon, you are already in deep like with Lance Lim.

But, did you know that he’s in a brand new movie, with Bunk’D‘s Nina Lu called An American Girl Story – Ivy & Julie 1976: A Happy Balance?!

In the new movie, which is available on Amazon Prime now, Ivy is forced to choose between her passion for gymnastics and her familial obligations when the big meet she’s excited for is scheduled on the same night as her family’s Chinese New Year dinner, while BFF Julie must deal with her parent’s not-so-cordial divorce.

“It was such a blast getting to work with so many talented Asian-American actors and taking on a different role,” Lance tells us of his part as Andrew Ling.

Learn 10 Fun Facts about Lance before going to check out the new movie!

  • 1) I love swimming. Although I can’t go as often as I would love to anymore, it’s one of my secret hobbies.
  • 2) I know I play guitar on School of Rock and many people think I don’t play guitar in real life, but yes I do! It’s mostly what I do in my free time!
  • 3) Bowling is one of my great passions to do when I’m not working! I have my own bowling ball and everything!
  • 4) I discovered Michael Jackson when I was seven, which is what sparked my passion for singing at such a young age.
  • 5) My favorite food is sushi! I have loved it ever since I was young.
  • 6) I started acting when I was nine after a director scouted me at one of my musical performances at church.
  • 7) My favorite artist is John Mayer. He is an inspiration to me as an all-around musician.
  • 8) My celeb crush is Margot Robbie! I find her to be such a talented actress as well as a beautiful woman!
  • 9) I love extremely spicy food…I always try to eat the hottest things to test my limits!
  • 10) I’m on a show called School Of Rock! So, if you’re not already watching, go and check it out on Nickelodeon.

  • Ivy & Julie 1976 – A Happy Balance
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