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Disney's Tsum Tsum Tells The Story Of 'Aladdin' - See The Adorable Short Here!

Disney's Tsum Tsum Tells The Story Of 'Aladdin' - See The Adorable Short Here!

Who’s excited for Aladdin to finally come out on Bluray?! JJJ is, that’s who!

Aladdin is one of our favorite EVER Disney flicks and we just can’t wait to get our hands on a copy when it hits shelves on September 29th (digital) and October 13th (physical).

The Diamond Edition Blu-ray will be packed with deleted scenes, featurettes and more.

In case you’re unfamiliar, Aladdin centers on street-smart commoner Aladdin, who with the help of a funny, shape-shifting, 10,000-year-old Genie, gets the girl — Princess Jasmine — and puts an end to the evil sorcerer Jafar’s plans to take over the kingdom.

Disney’s Tsum Tsum just released an adorable short where they tell the entire story in just under two minutes. Check it out below!

Aladdin As Told By Tsum Tsums

'Aladdin' Live-Action Prequel in the Works at Disney!

'Aladdin' Live-Action Prequel in the Works at Disney!

Are you ready to get reacquainted with Prince Ali of Ababwa?

According to THR, Disney is creating a live-action prequel to the 1992 classic movie Aladdin.

The film is set to be written by Damian Shannon and Mark Swift, and will likely be titled Genie. It will “focus on the realm of the Genies and tell how that one Genie ended up enslaved in the lamp.”

In case you don’t already know, Aladdin follows a street urchin who vies for the love of a beautiful princess, and uses a genie’s magic power to make himself off as a prince in order to marry her.

While the movie is still in the early stages, the ultimate goal is to lead into an Aladdin live-action movie too.

WHO DO YOU THINK should be cast in the new Aladdin prequel? Tell us below!

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