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Alexa Curtis Is All About Empowering Teens!

Alexa Curtis Is All About Empowering Teens!

Alexa Curtis is spreading a message of positivity!

The entertainment personality and influencer, who just wrapped her Radio Disney show Fearless Everyday, wants to help teens tackle real-world issues and share their stories.

Alexa, who now hosts her own podcast called This is Life Unfiltered, chatted with JJJ to share more about herself and her mission!

Learn 10 Fun Facts about Alexa below now…

  • I love to box! It’s my favorite workout.
  • I have always battled anxiety and depression and that’s one of the reasons I decided to switch the site to be more about mental health.
  • The most exciting interview I’ve ever had was with Andy Puddicombe of Headspace. I left feeling so inspired!
  • I drink oat milk lattes more than I drink water.
  • My mom is a nurse and my dad is in sales! My uncle is an entrepreneur but completely opposite of what I do. I have no clue where I got this entrepreneur trait from.
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