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Sofia Wylie's 'Andi Mack' Co-stars Sent Her The Sweetest Birthday Messages

Sofia Wylie's 'Andi Mack' Co-stars Sent Her The Sweetest Birthday Messages

Sofia Wylie just celebrated her 15th birthday this week and is getting a ton of amazing birthday messages – but none are as sweet as the cast of Andi Mack.

Peyton Elizabeth Lee, Joshua Rush, Asher Angel, Emily Skinner, Lilan Bowden and Luke Mullen all headed to social media to celebrate.

Josh actually had an entire movie dedicated to his friendship with Sofia on Instagram Stories.

“It’s this amazing girl’s birthday!” he had written. “And I am so glad that I have her. Every day that I have been blessed to spend with her has been better than the last.”

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Peyton Elizabeth Lee Reflects on 'Andi Mack' as Season Three Filming Wraps

Peyton Elizabeth Lee Reflects on 'Andi Mack' as Season Three Filming Wraps

Peyton Elizabeth Lee is going to make you cry with her dedication post to Andi Mack.

Sharing a fun video of the cast and crew dancing around on set, the 14-year-old star opened up about how much the show has changed her for the better.

“I could spend the rest of my life reminiscing about the last three years. the dreams we made realities. the late nights laughing. it has been absolutely magical. that is the only word that truly embodies my experience with andi mack. magic. so whimsical and surreal,” she started out in an Instagram video.

Peyton continues, “To my andi mack soulmates, thank you for making me believe in magic. you were my fairytale. cheers my family, for the aching in my heart is due to the love we have found in one another. the life we have created is one that will last a lifetime in my soul. every word. every smile. every tear. engraved into my mind. for eternity. i have found something here that in my life so far i didn’t know to be. true love.”

“Like in the movies. like in the storybooks. like in our minds. but i found it in salt lake city. i found it in lilan. in asher. in sofia. in josh. in trent. in lauren. in my crew. in andi mack the show. in andi mack the girl.”

“So how does one go about thanking people for giving her a reason to wake up in the morning? for igniting a fire in her soul. this, i have no answers for. all i know is that three years ago i was just a girl. 11 years old. 4 feet and 9 inches tall. a dream as big as the galaxy. and today. 14 years old. 5 feet and 5 inches tall. and that massive dream has become a reality.”

Peyton adds, “A truth that i hold in my heart with each passing day. with every moment. with every breath. may our memories here be as vivid in our minds in 20 years as they are today. may we all feel honest happiness once again. may we all find our happily ever after.”

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Peyton Elizabeth Lee Reveals How She Felt The First Time She Saw Herself on Television

Peyton Elizabeth Lee Reveals How She Felt The First Time She Saw Herself on Television

Peyton Elizabeth Lee is opening up about what it’s really like to see yourself on television.

In a new interview, the 14-year-old Andi Mack star called it “overwhelming”.

“It’s a feeling that’s like nothing else,” Peyton continues. “You know, like when you see yourself on TV and you remember that day filming, so not only is this like this moment in the show, but it was also a day in your real life.”

She adds, “It’s funny to see any of the episodes of Andi Mack because they’re like —you know when you look back on pictures of yourself when you were little and you remember certain days of your life or hanging out with certain friends? It’s just like that, except it’s in this whole other world, which is really interesting.”

Peyton also recalled how the first day of filming was on the series, which airs Fridays on Disney Channel.

“I remember I was a little nervous because when you go into a new setting with people you don’t know, it makes you a little nervous, but I was also super-excited,” she says. “It was finally my dream coming true, and I couldn’t wait. But every day since then, people don’t believe me, but I’m just as excited as I was the first day.”

'Andi Mack' Cast Wish Joshua Rush 'Happy Birthday'

'Andi Mack' Cast Wish Joshua Rush 'Happy Birthday'

Joshua Rush may have celebrated his birthday on set, but his co-stars were sure to shower him with love!

The Andi Mack actor turned 17 years old on Friday (December 14). Happy belated birthday!!

“happy birthday bubs!! couldn’t love you more!! live it up you old man♥️♥️,” Peyton Elizabeth Lee shared with a super cute pic of the two.

“Hppy Birthday to future president @joshuarush !! It is a joy to have you as my political activism and volunteer buddy and I can’t wait to see you change the world. Love you Joshy! May you always let the beat drop. Also I’m reposting this pic from my cats fan account @yourfriendsdocandpeanut,” Lilan Bowden wrote on her account.

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'Andi Mack' Actor Stoney Westmoreland Fired After Arrest

'Andi Mack' Actor Stoney Westmoreland Fired After Arrest

Andi Mack‘s grandpa will no longer be on the show…

The actor who played Henry aka “Ham”, Stoney Westmoreland, has been fired from the Disney Channel following an arrest on Friday (December 14) in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Stoney Westmoreland, an actor working on the series ‘Andi Mack,’ was arrested in Salt Lake City today,” Disney Channel said in a statement. “Given the nature of the charges and our responsibility for the welfare of employed minors, we have released him from his recurring role and he will not be returning to work on the series which wraps production on its third season next week.”

Stoney‘s character has left the show before to do some traveling, no word yet on how they will write the character off.

For more information on the arrest, head over to