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'Geography Club' Cast Chats Bullying with 'Zooey' Mag

'Geography Club' Cast Chats Bullying with 'Zooey' Mag

The cast of Geography Club gets together for a shoot with Zooey Mag.

Stars Meaghan Martin, Allie Gonino, Ally Maki, Justin Deeley, Alex Newell, Andrew Caldwell, Dexter Darden, Cameron Deane and Teo Olivares opened up about the bullying they’ve seen and suffered in their lives with the glossy.

“That’s often the thing about bullying; becoming a victim to bullying means that you were taking a stand for something, speaking an opinion, making the opposition,” Ally shared after recalling her own bullying story. “I admire those who were willing to do what I never did and face what is wrong.”

Meaghan added, “I am confident with who I am and what I do. I think the best way to deal with bullying is to put yourself in the bully’s shoes. What is happening in their life to make them say mean things? Maybe they’re not happy with their home life. Don’t try to solve this problem yourself, and definitely don’t fight fire with fire. Talk to a trusted adult and have them advise you on the best way to deal with your situation.”

Head over to Zooey Magazine to read all the casts experiences.

“Geography Club” Shoot

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