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Calum Worthy Would Be Totally Down for an 'Austin & Ally' Movie

Calum Worthy Would Be Totally Down for an 'Austin & Ally' Movie

Calum Worthy from Austin & Ally recently revealed that he would be “on-board” for a reunion movie.

In an interview with, Calum said: “I think that all of us would actually be on board [for a reunion]. I can’t speak for everybody, but I would love to make an Austin & Ally movie and revisit these characters after a little over a year and a half of not playing them… and all hang out again. I just hope we could film it in some place like Hawaii or somewhere that we could all go on vacation. That would be pretty fun.”

He’s not the only one who’s interested. When the show concluded, Raini Rodriguez, Laura Marano and the show’s co-creators all expressed interest in an on-screen reunion.

Fortunately, the group also keep in “constant contact” due to their super-active group chat.

While the cast is all doing their own cool individual projects right now, we will definitely be keeping our hopes up.

The Official Kiss List: Our 8 Favorite TV Smooches -- Ranked

The Official Kiss List: Our 8 Favorite TV Smooches -- Ranked

Remember that first explosive Aria-and-Ezra kiss in Pretty Little Liars that shook the world (or at least ours!)?

There are so many iconic TV couples that we had to rank our favorite kisses! From The Vampire Diaries to Girl Meets World and vintage >Friends, we revisited all of our old favorites to compile an official Kiss List.

8. Riley and Lucas, Girl Meets World

This moment took such a long time coming that Riley and Lucas’ first kiss — short, sweet, innocent — was as satisfying as any, and especially appropriate as it took place where they first met — on the subway.

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Ten 2016 Fails the Universe Should Take Back

2016 is coming to a close, and with that comes list after list of bests —- the best actors, the best singers, the best emerging talent of the year.

But, let’s face it, there have been some seriously weird/sad/random moments moments that had they not existed, the celebrity entertainment world would definitely be a better place.

The following sucks irrefutably fall in to 2016′s con column.

Here are a smattering of this year’s happenings that we most wish we could take back:

1. The bitterness that followed Fifth Harmony losing Camila Cabello

Feelings were hurt all around when Camila Cabello decided to leave Fifth Harmony, but the public accusations that followed had Harmonizers taking sides. Understandably disappointed Lauren Jauregui, Ally Brooke, Dinah Jane and Normani Kordei put out a public statement before Camila had the chance to make the announcement herself. Camila said she was shocked at the move and released her own statement, which gave a brief version of her side of the story… and it kept going. The 5H split wasn’t totally shocking — after all, both Camila and Lauren were both publicly working on side projects — but we hope that time can heal the wounds between these former besties.

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2. Austin & Ally ending

January 10 marked a rocky start to the New Year with everyone’s favorite Disney Channel coupleAustin & Ally — aka Laura Marano and Ross Lynch — gracing our screens one last time. The show’s exit left a gaping void in our lives that has yet to be filled by any amount of ice-cream or Hannah Montana reruns.

From stars being attacked to boyfriend disasters, see eight other fails that made 2016 bad…
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Laura Marano Celebrates 5 Years of 'Austin & Ally' with Flashback Pics!

Laura Marano Celebrates 5 Years of 'Austin & Ally' with Flashback Pics!

Happy 5 years of Austin & Ally!

Stars Laura Marano, Ross Lynch, Calum Worthy and Raini Rodriguez made their debuts as the four bestest friends Ally, Austin, Dez and Trish on Disney Channel five years ago! Can you believe that?!

“#5YearsOfAustinandAlly and #FlashbackFriday on the same day?? Coincidence? I think not,” Laura cutely shared on Twitter with a few photos.

She adds, “Just saying, I got my iPad right as we were shooting season 3, so I literally have no pics before that.”

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'Austin & Ally' Star Calum Worthy Meets Real Life Austin & Ally!

'Austin & Ally' Star Calum Worthy Meets Real Life Austin & Ally!

The Austin & Ally cast reunited today!!! Well, kind of.

Star Calum Worthy, who we loved as Dez (and love even more as just Calum), ran into two young fans whose names just happened to be Austin and Ally! How crazy is that?!

“We can basically just have a cast reading right now,” he shares in the video below.

Check it out below right now!

I met the real Austin and Ally….

A video posted by calumworthy (@calumworthy) on

Calum isn’t the only one who’s run into a cast doppelganger.

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Laura Marano Still Keeps in Touch With Her 'Austin & Ally' Co-Stars!

Laura Marano Still Keeps in Touch With Her 'Austin & Ally' Co-Stars!

Anyone else really missing Austin & Ally?!

Star Laura Marano recently revealed that she does, in fact, keep up with her co-stars Ross Lynch, Raini Rodriguez, and Calum Worthy.

“Of course! I just texted with them this morning!” Laura told HuffPo. “It’s such a transition going from seeing each other every day to now not even being in the same state sometimes.”

She continued, “We knew going into season four that it would be our last, so that was kind of nice- we compared it to being like our senior year of high school and as if we would be graduating on to other projects rather than college. But, for four years, we were together all the time, so it was truly one of the best experiences of my life. I love all the awesome fans that came from the show and it’s been such and amazing ride.”

Calum Worthy Looks Back on 'Austin & Ally'

Calum Worthy Looks Back on 'Austin & Ally'

Calum Worthy is making us so nostalgic!

The 25-year-old actor took to Instagram to remember his time on Disney Channel favorite Austin & Ally, which we miss dearly here at JJJ.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Calum Worthy

“I can’t believe it’s been 5 years since the first table read of #AustinandAlly,” Calum captioned the pics, which you can see below. “It changed our lives forever. We made a great TV show, we made memories that will last a lifetime and I made the decision to keep the same hair cut.”

'Austin & Ally' Cast Tease Laura Marano About Not Being Able To Say 'Rotten'

'Austin & Ally' Cast Tease Laura Marano About Not Being Able To Say 'Rotten'

Laura Marano was totally embarrassed by her Austin & Ally castmates during her first episode of For The Record at Radio Disney.

Ross Lynch, Raini Rodriguez and Calum Worthy chatted with Laura, 20, about their best memories from the set and two big things came up.

The first memory was Ross remembering he had a zit the first time he kissed Laura on the show, and the second being how Laura just could not pronounce “rotten”.

“We could not stop laughing, and everything that happened made us laugh more and more,” Raini explained while filming “Horror Stories & Halloween Scares”. “Then Laura could not say ‘rotten’.”

“I can’t say ‘ton’ or ‘ten’ words,” Laura interjected.

Check out the cute video below and click inside for Laura‘s latest For The Record show..

Laura Marano & ‘Austin & Ally’ Talk Memories

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