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Carter Jenkins & Charlie DePew Say Goodbye to 'Famous In Love'

Carter Jenkins & Charlie DePew Say Goodbye to 'Famous In Love'

Carter Jenkins and Charlie DePew, aka enemies Rainer and Jake, are reflecting on their time on Famous In Love.

The guys took to their Instagram accounts to send off their final goodbyes after the show was officially cancelled by Freeform.

“I was the adopted child of Famous in Love, cast a day before production began. I showed up to set to have the most beautiful welcome I could have possibly imagined,” Charlie wrote. “These amazing people helped me feel comfortable; I’m so thankful for that. To the amazing fans of Famous in Love thank you for your unwavering commitment to the universe we were creating. We got two seasons of meta storytelling unrivaled by Entourage. Hollywood inside of Hollywood. We hope you enjoyed watching it as much as we did making it. ❤️”

“I’m very sad to say Famous in Love will not continue for season 3,” Carter wrote on his account. “THANK YOU to everyone who loved this show and voiced their support- we put up a valiant fight. Although I feel we had a lot left to give, I’m proud of the story we told in two seasons. I’ll miss this cast – I’ll be watching and supporting everything you do. Thank you to @imarleneking, @rebecca_serle & @freeform for entrusting me with Rainer. It was my great pleasure. #RaigeForever”

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'Famous In Love' Cancelled After Two Seasons on Freeform (Report)

'Famous In Love' Cancelled After Two Seasons on Freeform (Report)

Famous in Love has reportedly been cancelled.

After two seasons on Freeform, the network has decided to not move forward with a third season, THR reports.

According to the site, a third season was planned, however, streaming partner Hulu — which has SVOD rights to the drama — was unable to provide a larger contribution for the expensive show.

Bella Thorne is not happy about how she found out about it though because it was before the official confirmation.

“If this is how I find out our show is canceled..I’m going to be so upset,” she tweeted, citing a link to another website reporting the same news.

She added, “Very hurtful freeform. I woulda liked a phone call maybe.”

Charlie DePew Says Troian Bellisario Will Have a Long Career In Directing

Charlie DePew Says Troian Bellisario Will Have a Long Career In Directing

Charlie DePew is sending a lot of praise to Troian Bellisario!!

The Famous In Love actor said the former Pretty Little Liars actress has a long career ahead of her after she directed this week’s episode of his show.

“I am so excited for @famousinlovetv tonight. Not only did TROIAN BELLISARIO direct it, but this is also a standout episode for Jake Salt. He’s premiering Stealing Georgia and nerves are high. You will also see a vulnerable side of Jake that he hasn’t showed us until now,” he wrote.

“As for @sleepinthegardn, I can say with full confidence she has a long successful career in directing ahead of her. She had her work cut out for her on this one and she quite literally handled it like a seasoned pro. I think she may be the best director I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. We hope you come back Troian!” Charlie added.

Troian has directed episodes of PLL and Famous In Love, which are both are from creator/writer I. Marlene King.

Bella Thorne Dishes On Why Paige Chose [SPOILER] on 'Famous in Love' Season 2 Premiere

Bella Thorne Dishes On Why Paige Chose [SPOILER] on 'Famous in Love' Season 2 Premiere

Paige has made her choice on Famous In Love and is now in a happy relationship with… Jake!

During the two-hour premiere, we jump two months ahead after the season one finale, and Paige is already filming a new movie with new boyfriend Jake (Charlie DePew), and with Cassie, too.

Even though she wanted their relationship to be kept private, she initiates a sweet kiss on the beach after Jake calls cut while filming.

“We’re in a good place, so I’m not worried about that anymore,” she says – before she shares a selfie of the two on Instagram and haters come at her hard. The hashtag #PaigeSucks is going around because she didn’t pick Rainer (Carter Jenkins) instead.

While Paige chose Jake, Bella Thorne is still team Rainer.

“I think that she chooses Jake because if she doesn’t take her chance now, when is she going to get it again?” she shared with TVGuide after the premiere. “She’s been in love with him since the start of college.”

Bella adds, “She’s like, ‘well, here’s my time. I know for a fact that he is a good guy. How can I pass this up when I don’t really know Rainer that well?’ She doesn’t really trust Rainer that much.”

TELL JJJ: What did you think of the premiere? Were you happy with Paige’s choice?

Does Paige Choose Jake In 'Famous In Love' Season 2?

Does Paige Choose Jake In 'Famous In Love' Season 2?

Famous In Love season two is right around the corner and one question on everyone’s mind is, “Who did Paige choose?”

If you don’t remember, at the end of season one, Paige (Bella Thorne) realized her love for Jake (Charlie DePew) as he left for Austin, only for him to returned to LA and interrupts a press junket and says that he wants to be with Paige and that he loves her.

The press then goes crazy and asks who she’s going to pick, her hunky co-star Rainer (Carter Jenkins) or her BFF/roommate Jake?

“She definitely is with both characters, either working, loving, having fun, being friends — whatever it may be, she is with both of them,” Charlie says of season two.

After his junket proclamation, he added, “He definitely is the talk of the town for some people.”

Check out the latest Famous In Love teaser and tune in when the show returns April 4th on Freeform.